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Essential DSLR video accessories must have for filmmaking / video shooting

How to record quality videos for YouTube with a DSLR camera good for video recording? Here’s our selection of the essential DSLR video accessories must have for filmmaking / video shooting. Would you like to start recording professional-looking videos in a simple and inexpensive way? Differentiate yourself and stand out from thousands of people who upload unprofessional videos to social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You will think that it takes months of preparation, studying equipment, analysis, gathering information ... is not it?
Most people will feel overwhelmed ... but the reality is different. Nowadays, becoming a video professional or starting a career as youtuber, creating quality content is simpler than it seems. Recording professional-looking videos or mounting a small home video recording studio is within reach of anyone.
What equipment do I need to record the perfect videos for YouTube and other video blogs? If we want to be serious in the video reco…

Best DSLR camera for video recording | Top beginners DSLR for filmmaking

What is the best DSLR camera for video recording? Want to start making videos on YouTube? If so, then read our reviews of the top beginners DSLR for filmmaking in 2018. Are you looking for the best DSLR camera for video recording? This guide is for you because not all DSLR cameras have top quality functions to record videos, especially if what you are looking for is quality to record videos. Do you want to become a video professional or a serious YouTuber? The first thing you need, after creating a YouTube channel, is a good video camera. Choosing the right camera can make a big difference in the quality of your videos. A top beginners DSLR for filmmaking is right for you to start making your name in the world of YouTube or video blog, for example.
Therefore, this guide is written to help aspiring youtuber, people who want to keep a video blog, make professional videos, record video clips, shorts, advertising, etc. We will update this guide continuously and as new market developments…

Top 10 best camcorders 2018 | professional video camera with 4K video and quality sound

What is the best professional video camera with 4K video and good sound quality? Read our top 10 best camcorders 2018 review to have the right one. The world of video and image live a more or less accelerated transition. The sports cameras are here to stay, although the classic camcorders have not disappeared. Some SLRs record high-resolution video, while mobiles with good camera start doing everything. But, camcorders are still in the top when you are thinking of capturing quality videos, for example in 4K or UHD. Choosing a good professional video camera can be a real dizziness, although there are some basic premises that will help you. Although there are devices that work for everything, if you are going to record video, a specific video camera is always better. Something similar happens with photographs.
Therefore, we will not only do a little review to put ourselves in a situation but we will see some of the most interesting 4K video cameras on the market. Of all prices and for …

Best free running app for iPhone X, 8 Plus and other iOS devices

Are you looking for the most accurate running app that keeps you on pace? If so, let's see our selection of the best free running app for iPhone X, 8 Plus and other iOS devices. Are you looking for an iPhone app for your running workouts? Do you need a mobile application to run? You're in luck. We've compiled a list of the best 5 iPhone apps for runners. If you want to measure time, distance or your career rhythms do not miss our selection of mobile apps. But remember, these applications can only be used with iPhone.
It is increasingly common to use the phone to go running. There are specific running applications that control your routines and help improve your workouts. Some report heart rate, others control time and others more complex help you progress. An app will not make you a better runner or win a race, but it can be very useful. Here are some of the best iPhone apps for runners.
Here's our selection of the best free iPhone running apps: most accurate running …

Best running app for Android free download 2018

Are you going to run? If so, do not miss our selection of the best running app for Android 2018 free download. Do you go running with your mobile? What running apps for android do you use? Do you know apps like Runtastic and Runkeeper? Have you tried Nike + or Endomondo? In today's post, we give an overview of the Android running apps most used by runners. If you want to improve your times and your physical performance do not miss our list with the best free running app for Android.
Nike, Adidas, Asics or Under Armor are some of the brands behind the best running apps. Mobile applications not only entertain us, entertain us or connect us with others, they also help us improve our health. Next, we analyze the most successful Android apps for runners:
Top 10 best free running applications for Android that you should try now This week we tested and selected what we consider the best applications for runners, which will help you plan your workouts, track your careers via GPS and even…

Top 10 best Nike running shoes men right now

We invite you to read our top 10 best men's running shoes Nike reviews to have the best Nike running shoes for men right now. There is nothing like the race to get in shape and feel good about yourself, for this you need a range of essential accessories that the runner must necessarily have before starting a journey that, more than an exercise, is a real lifestyle: clothing, yes, technological accessories, but the most important thing is shoes. Here is a guide that will help you to choose the best Nike running shoes for men, to make your dream of athlete a reality.
It is not just a matter of physical exercise or training aimed solely at recapturing the physical form we once had or finally having a more agile physique. It is about increasing one's own resistance, breath, lean mass in the face of the calories that burn and the adrenaline that increases. Running becomes almost more a challenge with oneself than a type of training, and even more: it is a real lifestyle.
Wake up e…