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The best scuba diving suits | top rated scuba wetsuits and dry suits

Are you thinking of buying a diving suit and want to know what are the keys to making the best choice? Read our reviews of the best scuba diving suits to have one of the top rated scuba wetsuits for comfort and safety. The diving suits keep us warm under the water and protect us from the sun, cuts, scrapes and bites. So choose one of good quality is to invest in comfort and safety during diving.
To choose the best diving suits, we will have to find the one that keeps us warm and can endure our underwater adventures for years. There are a lot of models and styles, so you have to pay attention on how to choose the most suitable for us. We have previously indicated how to choose the best diving fins, the best diving masks and we talk about the 10 best dive computers, so let's now indicate several guidelines on how to choose the best diving suit that suits our needs.
Aspects to consider to find the best diving suits A good diving suit is essential to protect yourself from the cold an…

The best diving computer reviews | dive computer for beginners and professionals

If you are starting to create your own diving equipment, one of the essential pieces is a diving computer. In this article, you will find the 10 best diving computer of today and a guide with all the information to choose the computer that best suits your needs. Let's go there! Having your own dive computer is one of the best decisions you can make when you start taking scuba diving seriously. Why? Because we want to enjoy our dives, but always thinking about safety. It is the best tool to avoid decompression syndrome. Today, we will see the best diving computer in the world right now.
All diving lovers will agree that a good dive computer is the best friend we can have. However, we often have the uncertainty of whether we will make a good purchase when choosing a new one, as its specifications can sometimes be too complex ... How to know which is better? In this article, we will advise you on what you should look for in a diving and diving computers on a comparative and how to f…

The best diving mask 2018 | diving and snorkeling masks reviews

Read our reviews of the best diving mask 2018 to have one of the top quality diving and snorkeling masks in the world. A good diving mask is the most personal and essential part of all your diving equipment. There are many different options in relation to design, quality and budget, making it difficult to choose the right mask. In this article, I would like to help you make the right decision and find the best diving mask and glasses.
The diving mask is an indispensable piece in our diving equipment. In this update, you will see the prices linked in each mask and where you can buy them. In addition, we analyze the characteristics of diving goggles and the keys to improve our immersion material.
Take a look at other guides to find the best submersible action cameras, computers and diving fins.
Some things to consider when buying a diving mask and snorkel: What you should consider before buying professional diving goggles or the best snorkel mask? You must review a series of features a…

Best diving fins in the world | which diving fins to buy (top 10 review)

Which is the best diving fins pair to buy? We have reviewed and made a list of the best diving fins in the world for the professional snorkel or the different types of fins. The fins are an essential part of your diving equipment, along with a mask, a neoprene suit, a diving flashlight, a BCD vest and a dive computer. Want to know that which diving fins to buy? If yes, then continue reading and discover the best diving fins in the world right now.
It's not fun when you rent some old fins in a diving center and you see that they do not fit you well or that they make you blisters. Having your own fins is one of the best investments you can make to dive and feel comfortable! There are many new models on the market and it is not easy to make a decision. Do not worry. Here is a comparison with the best diving fins to help you make the right decision. These recommendations are based on our own experience and the qualifications of other experienced divers.
What to consider before purcha…

Best sports action camera app for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile

If you are looking to buy the best action cameras, it is clear that you will need the best apps for sports cameras and that is why here, we want to help you. We have worked hard in a complete compilation of Apps for GoPro, apps for Action Cam or generic apps for sports cameras that allow you to connect any type of camera to your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are looking for an app for iOS or an app Android for your sports camera, we always show you the best options. The idea is simple. You have bought a sports camera, but you cannot find the application for your smartphone, or you are hesitant to buy a camera or not, and you need more information about your sports camera app or generic applications that may be worth it.
Listing generic apps for sports cameras In the wide existing market of sports cameras ranging from high ranges such as GoPro or Sony ActionCam, through medium or economic ranges, it is in the latter where the specific apps for economic models are bad or practicall…