Best electric leaf blower vacuum mulcher reviews | top rated leaf blowers cordless 2018

In this list, you can find the top rated leaf blowers electric available in the entire market specially selected by experts. Our best electric and cordless leaf blower reviews include some really effective tools to eliminate the leaves of terraces and gardens.

Buying a leaf blower is an effective and useful solution that will allow you to have your garden in perfect condition, always free of leaves. These tools are the perfect machinery to keep your garden clean, avoiding the accumulation of both leaves and waste.
Easy to use, these machines are ideal because they require little maintenance or effort during their use. Normally, leaf blowers have various functions such as blowing, vacuuming, and even some models are capable of shredding. Let’s read our top rated cordless and electric leaf blower reviews to discover the best leaf blower on Amazon.

Before buying a leaf blower: Key tips

With the arrival of autumn, your garden is full of leaves? Are you tired of collecting the leaves of your garden with a system that is too old-fashioned, slow and ineffective? Would you like to have a perfect garden at any time of the year and easily get rid of the leaves that fall in your garden?
Maintaining a nice and beautiful garden is key for those who have a house that has land, so it is appropriate in these cases to have a leaf blower that allows you to clean leaves easily in your garden. There are plenty of options in the market, how to choose the best alternative?
To not miss your choice it is important that before making your purchase you have in mind the following recommendations that will help you choose the most appropriate model according to your needs:
• Determine which blower is most suitable for you, since it is not the same to have a few square meters that if your land has a large land such as half an acre (2000 m2).
• The most advisable models are the electric ones since they offer more power and a better performance than gasoline. But your choice will depend on the dimensions of your terrain, since as it is obvious your cable will not get to all corners.
• The ideal is to opt for a model blower and vacuum cleaner, as it will be ideal to keep your garden perfect and offer you greater comfort.
• Choose a model that offers good power, being suitable to oscillate between 2500 and 3000W.
• Choose a compact, light and lightweight model since you must pick up that you must carry this tool during the cleaning of your garden or land.
• The advantage is that your blower has an absorption capacity of at least 45 liters.
Choosing one of the leaf blowers on the market is not as simple as it seems since the great disparity of possibility makes it difficult to opt for a specific model. Before buying stop and analyze the different alternatives at your fingertips.

Comparison of brands and prices

If the leaves are your problem, there is no doubt that buying a leaf blower is a perfect solution that will allow you to keep your garden perfect before the sudden fall of leaves that occurs in the fall months. For years the rake has been the tool par excellence for collecting fallen leaves in the garden, but it is a heavy tool that does not provide much the same results as leaf blowers. Before buying a model or another is appropriate to determine what are the needs you have, which depend largely on the type of garden or land you have. If you want to make the right choice, it is essential that you have a series of features in one account that will allow you to correctly choose the model that suits your needs, so before buying the following aspects:
On the basis of the power supply, you can find electric, gasoline or battery blowers.
Gasoline: They use a gasoline engine, which can be 2 or 4 times, suitable for land or gardens with large surfaces.
Electric: They work through the electrical network, so they are perfect for small gardens where there is an outlet to plug the cable. They are lighter, quieter and require less maintenance than gasoline.
Battery: They work by battery, without wires of any kind. They are perfect for those gardens or lands where there is no easy access to the power outlet. They are perfect for small surfaces.
This type of tools can have different functions, so in your hand is to choose the model that is most interesting to you according to your needs: blow, aspirate or aspirate and grind.
Volume of absorption
When talking about the volume of absorption is spoken of the ability of the blower to collect leaves / waste that may have your garden. As a general rule, it is most convenient to have a capacity of 45 liters.
There are very different weight models. It is advisable to opt for lightweight and compact models. They guarantee maximum comfort and easy transportation. Avoid models that are heavy or unwieldy.
Blowing speed
Normally, the vast majority of models sold in the market offer a blowing speed that ranges between 200 and 300 km / h. The choice will depend on the surface you are going to clean with it.
Typically, the vast majority of models of electric blowers have a power between 2500 and 3000W, while gasoline blowers have between 1 and 4 hp. The higher the power, the greater the capacity of blowing, aspiration and speed.

Top 6 best rated electric and cordless leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher 2018

In the market, there are plenty of interesting proposals for those who need to buy a good leaf blower, but given the extensive catalog of possibilities at your disposal. It is very common that many consumers may have serious doubts about which is the best option. In this comprehensive guide on leaf blowers, we have focused on comparing more than 40 different models for sale in the market. We have selected the 6 best proposals available to consumers, those models that offer a better value for money. In this leaf blower guide you will find 3 sections that will help you make a decision before buying a specific model:

Black & Decker BV6000 High Performance Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

Best electric leaf blower vacuum mulcher reviews
If you live a villa and you are tired of having to be continuously sweeping the leaves that fall in the garden or on the terrace or by doing the maintenance tasks of a park or green area, no doubt a leaf blower is a device that can make this process much simpler. This Black and Decker blower is a tool that has a very light design specially prepared to achieve greater comfort and great maneuverability. It is also a device in which you can easily change between a blower and a vacuum cleaner and has a blow speed of 250 kilometers per hour. This cordless leaf blower is perfect even if the sheets are wet. It also has an efficient high impact crusher that manages to reduce the volume of waste. It also has a bag with a large capacity where it can hold up to 50 liters of leaves. This is probably the best electric leaf blower and vacuum currently available on Amazon.
Discover more and the price here

Bosch GBL 18V-120 18v Professional Cordless Blower

top rated leaf blowers cordless 2018
This cordless leaf blower is a great option to get the order in any garden. Among its main features are that it is a device that provides a lot of freedom to the user who uses it because it works without wires through a practical 18 V lithium battery that provides maximum mobility. In the second place, it is also very light and also has a spectacular ergonomic design with what you can work with it efficiently because its weight does not reach even 2 kilos. It is also a blower that provides great power, getting an air speed of up to 210 kilometers per hour and thus making it really easy to remove the litter from the garden terrace. It also has an anti-vibration handle and a soft grip ready to work comfortably in any position. Finally, it can be stored anywhere, occupying very little since it has a blower tube that is removable.
Discover more and the price here

DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower

Best selling leaf blower vacuum reviews 2018 amazon
It is designed with a compact design and an ergonomic, non-slip handle to work efficiently and comfortably. In addition, the power and speed of the air jet allow you to blow away easily the leaves or the grass cut from paths, sidewalks, and edges of the flowerbeds. The variable speed trigger and speed lock give the user maximum control of the blower, with performance up to 400 cubic feet per minute of air volume providing and 90 MPH of airspeed. This blower features a lightweight and ergonomic design (7.1 lbs.), along with low noise.
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Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower

top rated electric leaf blowers cordless 2018 review and buying guide amazon
This leaf blower stands out for its compact and essential design that conceals a respectable power. It is perfect for sweeping and gathering leaves and debris. It will get the job done quickly and efficiently without the hassle of gas powered products. The variable speed dial offers up to 150 MPH, this blower offers the power necessary to clean your yard without damaging your eardrums or your relationship with your neighbors. It is easy to use and very low maintenance. Just recharge the battery when needed and store in a safe area is all it takes to keep this reliable and robust tool going. With up to 35 minutes of run time, you can complete a project with one charge. This blower is efficiently designed with a 2-piece blower tube, which adds more control while sweeping and gathering.
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Einhell GE-CL 18 Li Kit Power X-Change 18 V Cordless Leaf Blower

Reviews of the top rated best selling leaf blower vaccum
Practical device to remove the sheets quickly and easily from Einhell. It includes an interesting Power X-Change charger with an intelligent charge indicator and a battery system that can be used and exchanged if other types of tools are available. As for its blowing force, this is regular-high since it is capable of reaching 210 kilometers per hour. This kit is a really powerful tool and is also very compact and barely exceeds one and a half kilograms of weight. You can hold it with one hand and manage effortlessly while performing other tasks with the other. It is also a device very respectful of the environment, much more than other gasoline blowers. With each load that is made will be able to work at least ten minutes, which is a very interesting tool to maintain any green area for example in the fall, as well as to clean homes and gardens. Discover more and the price here

Timbertech Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum Cleaner

Timbertech Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum Cleaner
This exceptional leaf blower and vacuum cleaner works with gasoline and reaches a maximum air speed of 250 km / h. It has a weight of 6 kilos and a collection bag with a capacity of 35 liters. This leaf blower offers high performance and maximum efficiency, allowing you to forget the cables and enjoy an easy, simple and free work. It consists of a 2-stroke engine, a model with which you will quickly get rid of the leaves of your terrain.
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Final verdict

It is important to take the time to buy a leaf cleaner and clearly define your needs. If you have a small lot, a simple blower will suffice. As soon as the piles of leaves are important, opt for a blower/vacuum cleaner or for a blower/vacuum cleaner/grinder. Take a good look at each feature and choose the leaf cleaner for the ones that interest you and so you have the use. It is not worth it for example to choose a thermal tool (more expensive) to simply clean a small terrace.