Best sports action camera app for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile

If you are looking to buy the best action cameras, it is clear that you will need the best apps for sports cameras and that is why here, we want to help you.

We have worked hard in a complete compilation of Apps for GoPro, apps for Action Cam or generic apps for sports cameras that allow you to connect any type of camera to your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are looking for an app for iOS or an app Android for your sports camera, we always show you the best options. The idea is simple. You have bought a sports camera, but you cannot find the application for your smartphone, or you are hesitant to buy a camera or not, and you need more information about your sports camera app or generic applications that may be worth it.

Listing generic apps for sports cameras

In the wide existing market of sports cameras ranging from high ranges such as GoPro or Sony ActionCam, through medium or economic ranges, it is in the latter where the specific apps for economic models are bad or practically non-existent. For all these camera models, we bring a small list of generic apps for sports cameras, that is, apps that will allow us to connect both SJCAM SJ4000 or SJ5000X models, as well as Elephone Elecam or similar.
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As we discussed below, this generic app of sports cameras, allows you to connect a large number of different models under the same application. This is the case of the DBPower DX5000, which uses this app of sports cameras type GoPro, to be able to get the most out of its sports camera model.
Best sports action camera app for Android iPhone and Windows Phone
With a simple interface, it allows you to synchronize the WiFi of your sports camera with your mobile phone in just a few steps, automatically detecting the model and directly visualizing what your sports camera sees. Easy and simple if your model is compatible. If in your case you have purchased an inexpensive camera and do not find your specific app, try FinalCam. It will help you. We leave you the FinalCam links for Android and FinalCam for iOS in case you want to download it. Some users have reported that when a video is saved from the camera to the mobile, the app sends the file to be deleted from the microSD card and gets stuck in the app without the possibility of exporting. It is also true that only with some models of action cameras has been detected, so please try before with test videos.


Another of the apps compatible with sports cameras is hidden under these acronyms. With characteristics very similar to the app for GoPro and FinalCam, it hides another of the most downloaded apps for sports cameras.
best sports camera apps for Android ios windows mobile
Of interface something more striking and colorful than FinalCam, its operation is exactly the same. In the first place, it will be necessary to synchronize the mobile with the WiFi that your sports camera generates and then start XDV. After a few seconds, you will have access to the basic menu of your camera, as well as the real-time display. At the moment we cannot store on our servers any APK of apps for sports cameras, but we do leave the links to XDV for Android and XDV for iOS:

Apps for GoPro: GoPro Capture

The spectacular American brand can boast of having one, but the best sports camera of the moment as is the GoPro Hero 5, as well as one of the best apps for smartphones, both Android and iOS.
With a totally new interface and focused on an improved response for the user, it is perfectly adapted for iPhone and Android.

Main Functions GoPro Capture

The new GoPro app has interesting features that its predecessors already had, such as
• Live preview, to frame the perfect shot.
• Reproduction and total control of the GoPro camera remotely.
• Share photos and videos directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.
It also has an excellent gallery from which to quickly view your captured moments from your GoPro Hero 5 Black and Session, GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3. Its response is fluid and with particularly good loading times. Without a doubt, our best note for the GoPro App, at whose level we can only the Xiaomi Yi App, as an alternative app to the GoPro Capture app for sports cameras.

GoPro Quick

If we talk about the GoPro Capture app above, specially designed to control your Hero 5 camera, taking advantage of its launch, GoPro presented another app. With a very innovative design with respect to everything seen previously, the Quick app is created to allow all users a fast, simple post-production work with elegant results. We leave you a video where it is explained very well:
Once you have your videos downloaded to your mobile device or uploaded in the "GoPro cloud", you can edit your videos in a matter of seconds. Cut, paste, add transitions and add sound effects or music, you have everything at your fingertips with this GoPro app. But best of all, it is also available for desktop, being able to expand the editing options and continuing the work that begins on the mobile. In short, an excellent bet by GoPro to promote the use of its sports camera models.

Apps for sports cameras YI: Yi Action

Apps for sports cameras Yi Action
With the presentation of the new Xiaomi Yi II 4K, the Chinese brand Xiaomi and its analog company YI Technologies, developed one of the most striking sports camera apps, along with those of GoPro. The Yi Action app, completely renewed for this release, takes care of all the functionalities that the Yi II 4K camera can perform, but from a mobile terminal or tablet. With a very attractive interface, comfortable colors in sight, while quick and fluid use. On the cover, we have a small "social network" where registered users can upload and share their photos with the entire YI community. With just one click we will synchronize with our YI Action camera and from there we can start to shoot, record or configure the camera. With numerous and continuous updates, the Yi Action app improves every day and offers an interesting menu of settings, where we can configure absolutely all the settings that the Yi II 4K has, from resolutions, stabilizer, barrel effect ... And a long etcetera. In summary, we believe that it can be the best sports camera app, together with the Gopro Capture app.

Apps for SJCAM sports cameras: SJCAM Zone

Apps for SJCAM sports cameras SJCAM ZONE
The new app of the Chinese brand SJCAM, appears as a substitute of the previous model SJCAM HD, allowing connectivity with the new models presented SJ6 Legend, SJ7 Star and SJ360 or the previous SJCAM M10, SJCAM M20 or even earlier such as the SJ4000, SJ5000 and SJ5000X Elite. Of very renewed design, the new interface allows you to connect quickly with all the models of sports cameras. The only problem that we see is that at the moment it does not allow to configure the shooting options as much, as in the settings of the camera. A very interesting section is that in the latest models of sports cameras of the SJCAM brand we can update our cameras directly from the app itself, saving tedious downloads and connections, as well as possible failures.

Apps for sports cameras Gitup: Gitup For Action app

Apps for sports cameras Gitup For Action app
After several years with the famous sports camera, Gitup Git 2 launched on the market and sweeping sales, and driven by the upcoming exit of Gitup Git 3, those responsible for the brand, have launched the development of a renewed and powerful app. An app for GitUp that offers us a much more updated interface, where you can make enough adjustments to capture the images and videos, but with a but negative criticism. At the moment there are a lot more criticisms that expose some of the connection problems, fluidity or stability of this app on Android phones. As always we leave the download links for both Android and iOS:

Toshiba WiFi Connect

Toshiba WiFi Connect app mobile
One of our first sports camera analysis was the Toshiba Camileo, which has the Toshiba WiFi Connect app with two versions of its app to connect our iOS and Android smartphones. With a very simple interface, perhaps somewhat outdated by current design standards, this app is presented that has not given any connection problems in our test smartphone.

AEE Magicam App

Another sports camera that we analyzed some time ago was the AEE Magicam S80, which uses its WiFi connectivity with our smartphones through an app that does not reach the levels that would be expected. It comes with a very undeveloped interface, but we believe that AEE must develop and improve its app to attract the largest possible public towards its good models of sports cameras. Even so, we include it in the list of apps for sports cameras, to serve as a reference and comparison with other models.

App for sports camera EKEN H9 - Ez iCam

With this peculiar name, the official app for the Eken H9 and EKEN H8 is presented, an authentic best-selling sports camera and the cheapest camera to offer 4K video. It has a simple interface, very similar to the SJCAM ZONE or SJCAM HD. This app allows the synchronization of the EKEN H9 with our devices, whether they use Android or iOS. With more than 50,000 active installations, users value it positively in aspects such as connection and fluency, although they also highlight failures in downloading images to the smartphone, as well as the lack of video recording mode in 2.7K and 4K.

App for ActiveOn CX & CX Gold

As the name of the app indicates, this app is the one used in synchronization with the two cameras of the ActiveOn brand, specifically, the Activeon CX and ActiveX CX Gold. Here you can see that the brand has put real interest in developing an app that is functional, at the same time attractive to the user and that does not resemble the bad experiences obtained in other brands. With more than 10,000 downloads on Google Play, users value it very positively, highlighting virtues such as its interface and simplicity.

App for Excelvan Y8 and Excelvan Q3 app

These two models use an app that can be downloaded by reading the QR codes that are printed on the sports camera's own box. In particular, the app is called "Ismart DV" and offers us an unattended interface in which the synchronization with the camera sometimes becomes somewhat complicated. It allows the user to make minimal adjustments to the configuration of his action camera, as well as a simple gallery to view the contents already captured.

App for DBPower DX5000 cameras

Unfortunately, the DBPower brand has not developed a specific app for this model. As we saw in the generic apps for sports cameras, the one that best serves this model is the FINALCAM app. A fairly simple but robust app that allows you to make minimal changes to the settings of the sports camera. But thanks to which you will be able to visualize the gallery, as well as in real time see what your camera's lens records.

Ricoh App WG-M2 - Image Sync

The company Ricoh, developed this app (Image Sync) for its off-road models or at least so that those with integrated WiFi such as the following:
• K-70
Simple, correct and functional, Image Sync works quite well with Ricoh cameras, although some users have reported different errors with some models of smartphones. Available for Android and iOS, users of this model should only go to one of these marketplaces to download it and start enjoying the wireless connection to their respective action cameras.

App Elecam Explorer Elite - Explorer Elite

For all those who are looking for the official app for the Elephone Elecam Explorer Elite, comment that it is the "Explorer Elite" app, available for Android and iOS. With just configurations, the app has a correct behavior with the Elecam camera, although some users comment disconnection errors after a while.

Windows Phone Apps: GoPro App

The best known worldwide brand of sports cameras, GoPro, could not help being present in the small market share, although faithful, of the Windows Phone. The GoPro app for Windows Phone has an interface very similar to previous GoPro apps, before they appeared GoPro Capture and GoPro Quick:

Windows Phone Apps: YI Action Camera

As good sports cameras and above all as good blockbusters, the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera needed its app for Windows Phone. Because it is not the official developer of Yi Technology, the app has a cost of $ 1.99 in the Windows MarketPlace, and many users have contributed their valuation to the app, with a decent average score. We leave you some screenshots of the app and the download button below.

Apps for Windows Phone: Sony ActionCam Remote

Another of the most typical brands of sports cameras are the Sony ActionCam. In this case, it is also an app developed by an individual, and therefore has a cost of $ 1.49. 19 positive ratings give you a good score within the apps for Windows Phone sports cameras.
And here comes our first delivery of the list of apps for sports cameras that we will expand and develop as we try more apps and the brands will update them. So stay tuned and keep checking out the news. Thank you.


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