Best castor oil organic to include in your daily beauty routine (reviews)

Read our reviews of the best castor oil organic to include in your daily beauty routine. Also, read the beauty and health benefits of Castor oil, such as, for skin, hair, eyelashes, wrinkles and much more.

The best castor oil will allow you to restore your skin, hair, eyelashes and nails. This oil biological and pure obtained with pressure cold has many properties as laxative naturally, but in accordance with other cosmetic uses similar to those of the coconut oil and the Argan oil.
Best castor oil organic reviews hair growth skin eyelashes eyebrows
You should not spend a lot of money on cosmetic products for eyelashes or for eyebrows like masks or others that give you a quick benefit but for a short period of time. With castor oil as well as being cheap, you can have the long, thick and dark lashes that you have always dreamed of. Just apply a little every night with a brush or a clean brush of a mask that you no longer use.

The top-selling castor oil for eyelashes, hair growth, eyebrow growth, face, skin, nails, etc. – reviews

In addition to using it to have attractive eyelashes, it can be used as a conditioner for hair, as a restructuring treatment for brittle nails, and for the skin, since it moisturizes and fights aging. Castor oil is a millenary oil. It comes from a plant in India and is obtained at low temperatures to eliminate poisonous substances from its seeds. It is used in the textile, medicinal and cosmetic industry. After researching many options of this oil rich in fatty acids, we show you the best 5 of cosmetic use so you can buy castor oil that suits both your requirements and your budget.

USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil by Eve Hansen

castor oil for hair growth reviews
For a high quality oil, there is 100% Pure and Organic 100% Castor Oil by Eve Hansen. It comes in a 60 ml bottle with a convenient pipette. 100% pure and organic, it takes care of your hair and your skin. It contains no additives and is a product in compliance with the Ecocert standards. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it stimulates hair growth and improves blood circulation. Excellent against the fall of eyelashes and helps their growth. Also having antibacterial and antifungal properties, it reduces itching and irritation of the skin. It also relieves the itching of insect bites and strengthens nails with extraordinary results.
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Castor Oil USDA Organic Cold-Pressed Sky Organics

castor oil for eyebrow growth
If you are looking for a castor oil that has the ability to convey essential oils, there is Sky Organics. It is known that castor oil has an unpleasant odor; for this, it is good to add essential oils to perfume it as we like it. The Sky Organics Castor Oil is perfect for all skin and hair types. It is also free from artificial additives and won’t cause any allergies and irritations when used. This oil is perfect for hair care and for massages in case of muscle pain and arthritis. It is also effective for nails that break easily. In this case, the lemon should be used together with the oil, massaging it on the nails with some cotton wool soaked. It is cold pressed, but can only be used for external use.
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InstaNatural Castor oil

beauty and health benefits of Castor oil
With organic certificate of Ecocert ICO, this Castrol oil has no fragrances, preservatives or chemicals. You can use it in your daily routine of skin, hair, face, and nails since it is not aggressive. It is obtained with cold pressure and is not refined, so its hydrating and conditioning capacity is better. The unsaturated fatty acids offered by this multipurpose oil, have the power to beautify the skin, recover dry scalps and achieve beautiful and alive nails. In addition, you can replace the conditioning treatment with its ability to reduce frizz and split ends for silky hair. It is also useful to keep in hand in the kitchen since it relieves the pain caused by burns.
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100% pure cold pressed castor oil Naissance

Castor oil for skin hair eyelashes wrinkles reviews 2018
With an amber plastic bottle, the Naissance brand packs 100ml of this oil rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E. It should be stored in a dry place, without light and far from the heat so that it does not lose its properties. Since it is extracted with pressure to the cold, the poisonous substances of the ricin seeds are eliminated. Its use must be external and serves to moisturize the skin, restore damaged hair, strengthen the nails and beautify the eyebrows and eyelashes. It is effective against redness and makes massage action highly relaxing and beneficial. Rich in essential fatty acids, it is ideal for the protection and treatment of hair. This castor oil is 100% pure and possesses a mild odor dense consistency.
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Namskara Organic Castor Oil - USDA Certified Organic 100% Pure

Best castor oil Treatment For Eyelashes Hair Eyebrows Skin
This product is appreciated for its purity and widely used by famous TV stars. It protects and nourishes the skin and hair. This cold pressed castor oil for hair provides vitamins and nutrition for strong, long and thick hair. This premium hair growth treatment also helps regrow hair and prevent hair loss. You can also use it as a moisturizer to hydrate skin and deliver anti-aging benefits instantly! It contains many essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which bring innumerable benefits. Also, includes 2 applicator brushes for a simple application to lashes, brow lines and detailed areas.
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Aria Starr Castor Oil Cold Pressed

Pure castor Hair Oil For Hair Growth Face Skin Moisturizer Scalp Thicker Eyebrows And Eyelashes
For a premium virgin quality, you can opt for Aria Starr Castor Oil. Its packaging is very accurate with a dispenser pump for easy application. Aria Starr Castor Oil contains natural plant extracts coming directly from the seed. It repairs split ends, in addition to moisturizing the skin, and can also treat acne, stretch marks, and dandruff. It offers a real beauty treatment that everyone should always have at their fingertips. Hair and skin will shine with health.
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Beauty and health benefits of Castor oil: 20 beauty remedies for skin, hair, eyelashes, wrinkles and much more

Among the most common uses of castor oil today is that of laxative, but not everyone knows that this oil, thanks to its benefits, is one of the best beauty remedies for hair, skin of the face, skin of the body, eyelashes, eyebrows and much more.

Castor oil for hair care and hair growth

Castor oil to promote hair growth
To stimulate hair growth, massage the castor oil slightly warmed on the scalp. This practice helps to improve blood circulation and thus bring more nutrients to the follicles, especially the omega-6 fatty acids contained in the oil itself. These fatty acids strengthen and repair the hair shaft.
Best castor oil organic for hair skin nails
To increase the effectiveness of the remedy, after the massage of about 5-10 minutes, leave the oil in pose overnight, covering the head with a cap in order to avoid greasing the pillow. In the morning, wash your hair as usual. Given the consistency of the oil, it may be necessary to wash the hair several times.
Castor oil as a natural treatment against dandruff
Among its many properties, castor oil is also a good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. If you regularly massage the scalp using this oil, it will contribute to the disappearance of dandruff and other disorders of the scalp. Try this mask, if you have dry hair and dandruff: mix a tablespoon of castor oil with a tablespoon of olive oil and add the juice of half a lemon. If instead, you have greasy hair and dandruff, mix a tablespoon of each of the following ingredients: castor oil, honey and aloe vera gel, then add the juice of half a lemon. To enjoy the benefits of these masks, apply the remedy on the roots of the hair and keep it in place for about 30 minutes before shampooing.
Castor oil as a remedy to thicken the hair
Castor oil contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, both useful for promoting healthy and strong hair growth. Regular use of castor oil will, therefore, help to promote hair growth and make fine and brittle hair thicker and fuller.
Brighter hair
Once again, one of the simplest uses that can be made of castor oil is that of a hair mask. Heat the castor oil and massage on the scalp, wrap the head with a towel, and wait for about half an hour (or if possible all night), then wash. The hair will immediately appear stronger and brighter.
Castor oil against split ends
Apply castor oil to the ends of the hair and leave for about 30 minutes. Then proceed with the shampoo as usual. If this simple beauty treatment is done regularly, split ends and dryness will be eliminated.

Castor oil for the beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows

Castor oil for the beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows
Longer eyelashes
If you want to have longer and thicker eyelashes, every evening, before going to bed, apply castor oil to the base of the eyelashes, being careful not to let the oil into the eyes. In a couple of weeks, you should immediately notice an improvement in eyelashes, which will naturally result longer and thicker.
Thicker eyebrows
Also, in this case, to enjoy the infusing benefits of castor oil, every evening, before going to bed, apply some oil to the eyebrows. The oil nourishes and stimulates hair growth, and after a couple of weeks, you will have the first positive results, with thickened and healthy eyebrows.

Castor oil for the beauty of the skin

Moisturizing cream against wrinkles
Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin, softens and moisturizes. This oil also helps to promote the production of elastin and collagen, necessary to delay the appearance of wrinkles and give the skin a more youthful appearance.
For dry skin, mix 1/4 of castor oil and 3/4 of sesame oil.
For normal skin, mix 1/4 castor oil and 3/4 grapeseed oil (or olive oil).
And for the oily skin mix 1/4 castor oil and 3/4 jojoba oil.
Choose the formula that best suits your skin type and gently massage your face in the evening, then apply a warm, damp cloth to your face for about a minute, and then remove the oil with a cotton swab. The skin will immediately be softer, nourished and hydrated. Castor oil can also be used to moisturize the delicate area under the eyes. Mix a part of castor oil with a part of sweet almond oil, and apply in the area under the eyes.
The remedy for dry skin
Just mix a part of castor oil with a part of coconut oil, then massage on the affected area of dry skin, leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse and dry. Already after a couple of applications, the skin will be softer and more hydrated.
Castor oil against sunburn
Thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is a good natural remedy for sunburn. Mix a part of castor oil with a part of coconut oil, and spread on the area subject to burns for immediate relief. In addition, both castor oil and coconut oil are among the best oils that have a natural SPF (sun protection factor). It should, however, be stressed that it is necessary to purchase 100% pure oils, possibly obtained from cold pressing, without other ingredients that would compromise their effectiveness.
Castor oil as a lip balm
No more dry and chapped lips thanks to castor oil: with the fingertips, just apply the oil on the lips to moisturize, nourish and cure the dryness.
Castor oil against mild acne
The ricinoleic acid found in large quantities in castor oil is excellent against mild acne. Wash your face with warm water to open the pores, and then massage a little castor oil on the face, leaving it to work overnight. In the morning, rinse. After a few days, improvements should be noted. This remedy is good for those suffering from mild forms of acne. If instead, you have serious problems, it is good to contact a dermatologist.
Treatment to reduce scars
Over time, the regular application of castor oil can help reduce scars. The fatty acids contained in this oil quickly penetrate the scar tissue and promote the growth of the surrounding healthy tissue, thus reducing the size of the scar itself.
Castor oil to prevent stretch marks
Twice a day, massage castor oil on the skin of your stomach, hips, buttocks, and thighs to prevent stretch marks, especially when you are pregnant. You can also use this remedy after the baby's birth to help make the marks of stretch marks go away on their skin.
Castor oil for treating warts and in
Mix two tablespoons of castor oil with a tablespoon of baking soda until you get a spreadable mixture. Then gently rub the mixture on the affected areas. Leave the remedy to work for about 2-3 hours or, even better, overnight. Finally, rinse with warm water. Repeat the treatment regularly until the wart and/or less are attenuated or disappeared.

Benefits of castor oil for hands and feet

Hand cream with castor oil
Mix a part of castor oil with a part of sesame oil, and use this mixture as a night cream for your hands. Also in this case the oil moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin.
Natural treatment for brittle nails
Massage your nails with castor oil every night before going to bed, and after a week you will have stronger and stronger nails.
Healthy cuticles
Moisturize the nail cuticles every evening by massaging them with castor oil, and soon the dried and chapped cuticles will be just a bad memory.
Castor oil to remove calluses
Take a cotton ball, immerse it in castor oil and fix it on the streets with a plaster. The fatty acids contained in the oil soften the calluses, and after about a week, it will be possible to remove them completely.
Castor oil as a remedy for cracked heels
Castor oil is absorbed very easily in the skin and is an excellent treatment for dry and cracked heels. Massage plenty of oil on the heels before going to bed and cover with a pair of socks to avoid staining the sheets. Castor oil is a perfect remedy to quickly moisturize dry heel skin.


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