Best essential oil diffuser reviews | how to use oils diffusers

Read our best essential oil diffuser reviews to have a top quality diffuser for essential oils. Also, know how to use oils diffusers, their advantages, and types of the diffuser.

Who would not like to relax in a warm, quiet, and with a wonderful aroma? If you are of these holistic tastes, we want to recommend the best diffuser for essential oils, and thus have moments of healing pleasure.
Best essential oil diffuser reviews
The diffusers of essential oils are one of the preferred devices for aromatherapy. Thanks to its great relaxing benefits, in addition to helping to mitigate respiratory and emotional diseases, such as depression and stress. This device is worth every penny it costs. Their models range from the cheapest, through the most affordable, and also the most expensive. So everything will depend on your taste and demand. Continue reading.

What is an essential oil diffuser for?

It is a small device, usually having a size of about 12-15 cm, that vaporizes cold by means of ultrasonic vibrations, causing the pure particles of essential oils to scatter millions of microparticles in an aromatic mist. When these oils are inhaled, in a completely natural way, they provide us with their benefits, humidify, heal and aromatize the environment, transmitting a sense of well-being. We can have our small spa or Japanese garden in our room, with the benefits that aromatherapy brings. Not all aromatherapy diffusers are the same, our advice is to look for a diffuser of essential quality oil, for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Did you know that ...

The mere perception of a certain aroma immediately acts on the nervous system of each of us, activating a cascade of biochemical processes capable of giving a real rehabilitation to body and soul.

Do not you believe it?

Take a test: dilute a few drops of your favorite essence in a spoonful of vinegar or alcohol. Then pour the mixture into a cup of an essence diffuser. Close the door and ... forget it. We bet that on your return, the atmosphere will be changed?

What should I keep in mind before purchasing a scent diffuser?

The first thing that we have to consider is whether we want electrical or non-electric. The electric ones are connected to the electric network and expand the pure essential oils, in the form of microparticles. By contrast, "traditional" diffusers use candles mainly to burn the oils. With water or without water. We must attend to those who use water mixed with drops of essential oils or those who directly evaporate pure essential oils without using water. They generate a spice of vaporized fog or cold smoke, if we touch it we will see that it does not get wet. Finally, we must also look at the accessories: depending on the models can take remote control, the colors, some also incorporate melodies that help in relaxation.

What are the differences between Diffusers and Humidifiers?

Aromatherapy is sometimes confused with diffusers and humidifiers, when in reality these are different things. The humidifiers for the home have the function to increase moisture in the atmosphere, moisturizing the air in the rooms, especially useful in winter due to dry air produced with heating, to moisten the atmosphere of the house. Excess moisture can reduce the health benefits of essential oil components. A diffuser provides a very fine mist in the form of microparticles to preserve all the properties of pure oils. The nebulization takes place in dry, that is to say, only using the essential oils pure, without water and by means of impulsion of compressed air.

What is the best diffuser for essential oils?

If you want to enjoy a warm atmosphere at home with an exquisite aroma, and that also has therapeutic and beneficial properties for your health and that of your family, then you need to buy a diffuser for essential oils. In Amazon, there are many models, but we prepare an exclusive comparative list with the diffusers of the best brands. These excellent aromatherapy devices are of good quality, with guarantee test and their prices are very low. Are you ready? Let's start then.

VicTsing Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier

Which diffuser is best
Elegant and exclusive ultrasonic and electric diffuser of 150 ml capacity. It is silent and without water leakage. It is equipped with 7-color LED lights. You can leave the color you want fixed or choose the brightness of light between dark and light. It includes a security system, so, when there is no water in the tank, it will automatically turn off to avoid possible accidents. You can adjust the intensity of the steam and light, also has the timer of 1H, 3H or 6H and continuous steam.


  • It has a reproduction adjustment system, which can be applied according to the tastes and needs of the user. 
  • Both its design and its size are extremely compact. Thus, allows you to handle it easily using just one hand. 
  • It has a capacity of approximately 300ml and has an extension of 30ml, which is activated only when it deems necessary. 
  • Its detection system is responsible for turning it off automatically when it has run out of the water, preventing overheating.


  • At the moment, no known contrary opinion is known. 

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500 Milliliter Essential Oil Diffuser, Innoo Tech

Is Essential oil diffuser safe
This is ideal to help you breathe better in winter. It releases 20-30 ml of cold steam every hour in approximately 20 square meters. It has a new fan incorporated that allows the steam to diffuse better. As for the noise, it is less than 35 dB, so it is quite silent. When you have less water or essential oils left, it goes out. In the opinion of its manufacturers, it is smarter and safer than others. It has LED lights of 7 colors to illuminate the room. It has a timer between 60 minutes, 180 minutes and 360 minutes. This diffuser also has the option of the continuous timer.


  • Its dimensions and light weight are ideal to place in any corner or night table. 
  • Despite having a somewhat small tank, its autonomy can last up to 7 hours of continuous use. 
  • It has a control panel where you can adjust your steam releases and how often they are going to reproduce. 
  • A dim LED light flows from inside, perfect for those who do not like to sleep in the dark.


  • Some buyers complain about loose parts inside. 

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Quamii Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

best essential oil diffuser benefits
A small and compact diffuser of essential oils, with a capacity of 140 ml of water in the tank. Provides a mist of 100% pure essential oils (not included) with a duration of about 8 hours. Elegant design imitating wood, which can adapt to any decoration. You can use it as a diffuser, humidifier and ionizer. It is a silent device, will allow us to read a book, watch a movie or use it at night to sleep. Also, turns off automatically when the water level reaches the lowest level, so that we can stop worrying. It purifies the air, eliminates odors, refreshes the air, boosts the benefits of essential oils and kills bacteria. Low energy consumption. Use your favorite essential oils based on their benefits: stress, headaches, concentration, sleep, allergies, dry skin, dry and cracked lips, nasal congestion, etc ...


  • A big capacity of the diffuser ensures long-term aroma distribution. 
  • Can become a sophisticated addition to any room interior.


  • Warning to re-fill the reservoir is quit loud and can wake you up at night. 

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Aidodo Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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Its capacity of 400 ml makes it work continuously for 12 hours. The equipment generates a fine mist in two intensities to provide moisture to the environments helping to breathe better. With few drops dissolved in the water, the team will extract all the benefit to set any space. Also, the device has automatic shutdown and can be programmed for 60, 180 or 360 minutes. The design is beautiful, elegant, discreet and according to almost any decoration. It is the quietest, nor will you notice that you are working and it works connected, so you will not depend on the durability of the battery. The price is a little high, but its advantages do justice to the cost.


  • Large capacity, low power consumption. 
  • Whisper-Quiet Design. 
  • You'll never be disturbed at work or while sleeping. 
  • Choose from 7 different LED modes to match your mood and create a powerful experience that soothes all your senses. 
  • Automatically shut off when water runs out of.


  • Nothing 

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VicTsing 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

best essential oil diffuser for large space
If you are looking for cheap aroma diffusers, but do not want to give up a good product that offers what you are looking for, the following product may be included in your preferences. This ultrasonic diffuser will allow you not only to renew the air of your home using it only as a humidifier, but also to disperse the steam of your favorite essential oils so that you create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It covers an area of about 20 square meters and is also one of the quietest on the market, so you can use it when you sleep. It has a capacity of 100ml and is capable of operating for 7 or 8 hours in a row depending on the intensity. In addition, it has a beautiful LED light that provides 7 colors that are changing and that will help you relax even more. Don't miss.


  • Good option if you want to buy a slightly more compact model. 
  • VicTsing also has an ambient light that you can adjust to your taste. 
  • You can add different types of oils to this diffuser. 
  • Also has an automatic shutdown system for better security.


  • A couple of buyers had problems with the shipments to receive the broken diffuser in some parts, but clarified that they could make the claim and get a new one very easily. 

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Aromacare Large Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

best nebulizing diffuser reviews amazon
You will be surprised to know that it has spaces for 600 ml, which gives it an autonomy of up to 20 hours, an important advantage compared to others, it also has two modes, continuous fog or intermittent fog The device you can use them quietly, because if after so many hours working you just forget to recharge water, it will automatically turn off. It is the favorite of people who use it for relaxation or aromatherapy sessions, it has a modern design and you can find it in two tones. The purchase includes the manual, wall adapter, measuring cup and a one year warranty for you to invest peacefully.


  • This oil diffuser works as a humidifier also. 
  • Easy to handle. 
  • LED effects are attractive. 
  • Having a bigger water tank to cover a large space and for long duration also.


  • The disperse of oil is little low first but gradually the rate will increase. 
  • Little noise could be disturbed you, but though it is under 35dcl. 

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Bestek Essential Oil Diffusers

nebulizing diffuser how it works
FIts versatility makes it one of the best diffusers for essential oils. The equipment is an ultrasonic diffuser with adjustable steam, humidifier, LED lighting and cold steam. It is programmable in time, its operation is silent, and automatically turns off when it has no water. You can also use it as an air freshener. It maintains the chemical composition of the oils and it is not complicated to make it work. Bestek Essential Oil Diffusers provides intense aromas and keeps the properties intact. You can use it in spas, offices, rooms, and anywhere where it is necessary to improve the environment and relax tensions.


  • Excellent look, fit for any decor. 
  • Can be used as both- oil diffuser or humidifier. 
  • Works for large space and longer time. 
  • Noiseless, so no disturbance occurs.


  • Found nothing. 

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Advantages of the use of diffusers of essential oils

Do you have any doubt about how useful an oil diffuser? Well, we tell you that this product has many benefits and its principle has been used for years. First of all, it is necessary to be clear about the benefits that oils offer by themselves, and that these can be applied directly, mix with creams, add drops to bath water or inhale, depending on the benefits you want to receive. In the case of aspirations, the oils offer relaxation or health benefits and that is when the diffuser is super useful. Why? Because it is designed to generate a cold mist that extracts all the properties of the substance. The aroma and properties of steam are powerful in many aspects, and these are the most popular advantages that it provides:

Air purification

Besides that it is not a machine, and that its behavior with the environment is friendly, this product and its function go further. As well as a dehumidifier, the diffuser is ready to purify the surrounding air, either from tobacco smoke or other unpleasant odors, apart from oils that with their antimicrobial properties provide a plus in health benefits.

Removal of dust

Being an ionizer model the diffusers expel negative ions and these, in turn, attract dust particles, so the air will feel cleaner, so it is good for people allergic to dust, mites or other similar conditions.

Improves mood and eliminates stress

The pleasant aromas have a positive effect on the mind and as well as eliminate stress, they are able to improve mood and even reduce pictures of mild depression. The tranquilizing effect that you get with the use of oils helps you to reduce the intake of drugs, and the great advantage is that it is a natural product.

Increase defenses

Aspirating certain oils or plant extracts indicated helps strengthen the immune system.

Aromatize environments

This is one of the most common uses, and there is nothing more pleasant than being in an environment with perfumed scents. The diffuser makes the fragrance spread throughout the area and depending on the concentration can be quite durable.


In health, it also plays a favorable role towards people with weaknesses such as allergies or asthma. Humidification decreases symptoms by putting in the environment a certain level of humidity that improves breathing. Sometimes it is used only with water and sometimes mixed with other essences.

Preserves the purity and the goodness of the oils

The diffusers do not heat, on the contrary, they generate a cold vapor in which the integrity of the composition of the oil is guaranteed. The oil will not undergo any process that alters its properties, thus guaranteeing in the mist that it expels, all the benefits of the substance.


Good diffusers have automatic shutdown. This means there are no losses of the valuable oils, since these will be in a tank ready for use the next time it is turned on.

Types of diffusers of essential oils

Want to know the different types of essential oils. Here you will know the classification according to the way of working and the use of them:

Nebulizer diffuser

They are considered as the most powerful. They dissipate the particles of the oils through the air to create a pleasant environment. Perfect for their therapeutic benefits. This method does not require mixing the oil with water, so it will be more concentrated and with greater aroma penetration. It works with pure oils and good for both health and the environment, and most of them incorporate a timer for when you need to control the period of use. However, on the other hand, the smell that arises from being strong could be not so pleasant for some, besides that the use is more expensive because it does not work with dilutions and because it is powerful, the consumption of it is fast; luckily in some, besides the timer includes other controls that allow to handle the intensity of the process.

Ultrasonic diffuser

They are quite similar to nebulizer diffusers. The difference of which is that if it admits the addition of water. They are nevertheless equally efficient in diffusing the oil, but this timeless powerful because the oil is dissolved. These electrical equipment are used as winter humidifiers. It is especially useful for children because some models incorporate music and are also less expensive.

Evaporator diffuser

It is the most basic and is used in aromatherapy. Work with a filter and a kind of fan to spread the mist. It is perfect for setting in small areas including cars. The equipment has a low price, and the size is portable, so you will change it without complication. The disadvantage of this equipment is that in the case of mixing several oils it will not make a homogeneous diffusion of the same, but the lighter oils will be the first to vaporize.

Heat diffuser

It is also simple, but now incorporates the heat in the process and when setting is one of the most effective. These are the cheapest and some work with the sail. As a factor against it is mentioned that when applying high temperatures despite the fact that it enhances the aromas, the healing properties are diminished by the chemical variation that causes the heat in the essential oils.


That's all for now friends. These are some of the best essential oil diffusers. We hope that you have found this article helpful. If so, then do share it with your social friends. And don't forget to share your thoughts with us. Do you have any suggestions? Your valuable suggestions will help us make this article better. We also invite you to check our Home Appliances category where you can find more beauty products and tips. Thank you.