Best mechanical drafting drawing pencil - Purchase guide, Opinions and Analysis

Are you looking to buy the best mechanical pencil for drawing and drafting? Do not miss our selection of the best mechanical pencils of 2018.

Buy a mechanical pencil is the best choice if you like to write with a graphite pencil. But you do not want to go loaded with a pencil sharpener and a rubber. The mechanical pencils allow us to write with the tip always sharp, and if at some point you are wrong, most of them include an eraser.
Best mechanical pencil for drawing drafting pencil for architects and engineers
Choosing the best mechanical pencil is not an easy task. It depends on the use you want to make of it. Some look for professional mechanical pencils, like architects, while others look for mechanical pencils for children. Whatever the need that you are going to give, in this guide to purchasing the best mechanical pencils of 2018, you will find the one that best suits your needs.

How to choose the best mechanical pencil for drawing and drafting?

The purchase of a mechanical pencil requires taking into account a series of key elements that allow you to choose the model that best suits your needs, with the objective that your investment is accurate and so you can use the pencil for a long time before having to replace it. Therefore, we prepare this guide to buy the best mechanical pencil.


This feature is an essential requirement that your mechanical pencil must have, regardless of the frequency of use you intend to give it. The idea is that you can count on this article for a long time, regardless of whether you give it a day-to-day use or not. When writing you need a mechanical pencil that is not flimsy, but rather facilitates movement and correct support. In short, all this is achieved thanks to the manufacturing materials that the product has, so you should consult it previously. The most common raw material to make mechanical pencils goes from plastic, brass, metal, to resin and aluminum. Naturally, there are more resistant materials than others, but if the model you are interested in is made with some of the ones we mentioned or the combination of these, we can consider that you are facing a good option.


In the comparison of mechanical pencils, users ponder with great importance the level of ergonomics that the product has, as well as how much it costs. This is because it is an object that is manipulated by hand for a long time, so the user requires comfort in the grip to make their use experience as pleasant as possible. To achieve this, in addition to a well-finished body, manufacturers add a rough area or cover the grip area with a type of rubber, which allows a firmer grip when handling the product. Hence, you should check this factor to see how ergonomic the model is that you are interested in.


Ergonomics is also related to weight; to the extent that a model is less heavy can be considered to be more ergonomic, but at the same time could be weaker, therefore, you must find a balance between the weight-ergonomics to get the option that seems most favorable. In addition, although in general, the mechanical pencils are not so heavy, there are certain weight differences between them that should not be overlooked.

The thickness of the mine

According to the type of layout you want to achieve when writing or drawing, it is convenient to evaluate the thickness of the mine, because it is the direct feature that allows you to achieve a thicker or thinner path. The options are expressed in millimeters, which would be the size of the thickness of the line and the bar of the mine, generally covering 0.3, 0.5, 0.9, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 mm. As you can see, each option will allow you to have a greater or lesser thickness, so it is only a matter of identifying which type of layout you would like to have or the one you need for a certain task.

Placement and exit mode

It refers to the way in which the mine is placed inside the mechanical pencil and the way in which it reaches the tip to start writing. He prefers models that have simple methods to perform these steps, knowing that some admit placing the mine from the tip and others from the top. Regarding the way out of the mine, most are retractable and you just have to make a few clicks to get the mine to the tip.


Although it may seem secondary, the design must also be evaluated when choosing. Initially, check the color and evaluate if you like it and combine it with the rest of your office or study articles. Do not forget that the colors that most matches in these cases are black, silver and other dark or neutral tones. On the other hand, some models have a classic design that resembles that of a pen or ballpoint pen, so that they are quite colorful and attractive.


Do not forget that some models are preferably designed to write, others to draw and others admit any application you want to give. The latter can be more profitable in the sense that they are more versatile, however, if you are clear about the use that you will give to the article, then you can decide openly based on it.


Certain models include accessories that complement the user experience. For example, include an eraser in the upper area of the mechanical pencil, or include a box of mines in the purchase package. This is advantageous for not having to buy those items separately and because they enable the mechanical pencil to be used immediately once you receive it.

What is the best mechanical pencil for drawing and drafting?

Given the wide range of mechanical pencils available in the market, it is a little more difficult to select a favorable option for you. That is why here we outline the models that users have recommended. So that you can choose the one that best suits you and adapts to your expectations.

Staedtler Mars Technical Mechanical Pencil

Best drafting pencil for architects and engineers
With a 2mm mine and a rough area on the end to improve grip, this economic mechanical pencil is very light and comfortable to get us out of a hurry at any time. As a detail, it incorporates a sharpener in the upper end, which we can extract to fine tune all the details. His body has a good level of ergonomics, and for the grip incorporates a textured area that facilitates the grip of the hand without getting tired to who holds it, so you can hold this mechanical pencil Staedtler for as long as you need. If you need to write with comfort it is likely that you consider the model proposed by Staedtler as the best mechanical pencil of the moment.


One of the best lead-holders on the model
Holds 2mm lead tightly
Excellent quality construction
Fairly cheap for a lead holder


Lead holders are somewhat hard to use
Requires extra equipment
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Pentel Graph Gear Automatic Drafting Pencil

Pentel Graph Gear Automatic Drafting Pencil review
Fusion between steel and rubber, it is interesting the touch of this mechanical pencil, which designed for technical drawing incorporates a grip area in which two materials used in the writing industry but usually seen separately are mixed. It is designed for mines of 0.7 and is an interesting bet of this American manufacturer.


0.3mm lead
Awesome grip
Tight bottom design
Amazingly well-weighted


High price per pencil
Lead is too small for regular writing
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Parker Jotter

Parker JOTTER Stainless Steel Ballpoint pen and Mechanical Pencil
If I had to write a slogan to sell this pen would be something like "An insurmountable classic". This model is manufactured since 1954 and still has loyal fans. It's light, elegant, and it's been in a James Bond movie! Three clicks activate, three clicks disable. Without a doubt this we can qualify with a must-have (mandatory to have) in the pens.


Excellent grip on both pencil and pen.
Iconic stainless steel design is the perfect complement to the office environment.
The high polymer lead used in the mechanical pencil staves off broken tips.


The pen might be a tad light which makes writing log letters a bit chore.
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Faber-castell- Mechanical Pencil Grip Plus

Faber castell Mechanical Pencil 0 7 mm review amazon price
There is only one word to define this pen, and it is classic, it is undoubtedly one of the best sellers of the German brand, and it is not very difficult to know why, its thickness and its anatomical shape make it especially comfortable in the hand, being able to work with him for several hours without our hand hurting. They have adopted the brand's characteristic triple system for grip. On the back, it incorporates a rubber removable by rotation, which will guarantee that mistakes will keep them at bay for a long time.


Ergonomic silicone grip
Metallic toecap
Muffled mine and retractable guide tube
Ergonomic triangular rubber grip
Rotating eraser incorporated.
Contains 3 HB mines of 0.7 mm


The grip gets dirty frequently
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rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil
Anything that bears the surname Rotring speaks to us of precision, balance and careful design, it could not be less with its ranges of pencil pens and with the model 800+ they have simply been exceeded, you can choose the thickness of the mine of 0.5 or 0.7 mm and is more thought for the technical drawing than for the sketch, but the metallic sensation in the hand is impressive. As a peculiarity, it incorporates a lid that can serve as a pointer on the capacitive screens of our phones and tablets. It also incorporates a draft on the back, but because of its balance, it will be unlikely that we have to use it.


Ergonomic metal barrel is great to use.
Knurled metal grip makes it easy and comfortable to hold when writing.
Twist and click retract feature makes it durable.


High price
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Moleskine Mechanical pencil

Moleskine Mechanical pencil
The famous notebook manufacturer could not neglect the writing medium, with this mechanical pencil specially designed to be carried in his notebooks we will have the freedom to write anytime and anywhere. While it is true that the rectangular shape is not the most comfortable to work for long periods, it is very practical and simple, following the philosophy of the brand.


Twistable eraser
Good value
Comfortable to use


Difficult to find in stores
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Koh-i-Noor Mechanical Drop Clutch Lead Holder

Best mechanical drafting drawing pencil Purchase guide Opinions Analysis
If you like to draw by holding the pen with your fist closed, you will love this mechanical pencil that accepts 5.6 mm mines. It is relatively short considering its thickness, since it only measures 10 cm in length (although its longer version exists), but it is a delight to be able to draw things directly on the concrete at work. The only downside is the mechanism to extract the mine that may be inaccurate, although in its simplicity lies its beauty.


Really nice for drawing for a watercolor painting.
It's not real heavy and sits nicely in hand.
The eraser works very well, too.


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Mont Blanc Mechanical Pencil

Mont Blanc Mechanical Pencil
In case you still do not know which is the best mechanical pencil for you, you may buy this Montblanc mechanical pencil. This is a great choice for architect and engineers since it is made using resin for your body and metal for the area of the hook and tip. Thus obtaining an elegant copy of black and silver, which will be very attractive to look at. On the other hand, works with a mine of 0.7 mm, which is a little thicker than 0.5 and allows you to draw a line suitable for a better reading of the letters you make. Another of its attractions is the fact that it comes in an elegant case that provides not only safety and protection to the mechanical pencil, but also a greater presence when it is stored or delivered as a gift.


This pen offers classic beauty and style.
It writes beautifully.


Its only major flaw is the filling system.
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