Best electric food steamers for a tasty, healthy, nutritious food

Cooking with the best electric food steamer means using one of the healthiest methods of food preparation. In fact, neither oil nor fats are required and the foods keep intact all their nutritional properties.

The chefs usually cook fish and seafood, because the indirect heat helps to preserve the natural humidity of the food. The steam also helps to preserve the color of the vegetables, at the same time enhancing their most authentic flavor. The best electric steamers in steel have a generous capacity, so you can prepare a complete meal all at once. Those that have more trays allow you to separate meat from vegetables. It is also possible, in some cases, to add the desired spices, keeping distinct the aromas of the foods present on each shelf. These small appliances can also be used as rice cookers. Numerous models are equipped with bowls specifically designed to steam rice and other cereals. Sometimes they are also provided specific recipe books for the steamer that allow you to indulge in the preparation of unhealthy new dishes.

The 6 best electric food steamers for cooking reviews

The models we present in this guide are all electric: this is possible to save space on the hob. You can also use a steamer to cook the whole meal, without needing to use other equipment. Many models are equipped with a timer and a heating function to keep the food at the right temperature while preparing the table. It is possible to feed the steam in many different ways. A traditional method is with a bamboo vaporizer, while another particularly widespread system involves the use of a plastic container that is used in the microwave.

Morphy Richards Intellisteam Food Steamer

Best electric food steamers for a tasty healthy nutritious food
The steamer that draws attention for its design. With square shape and measures 31.2 x 31.2 x 24. The practice of assembling and disassembling, since its compartments can be located on the base. Its total storage capacity is 8.2 liters. The sealing feature of each of the compartments allows steaming vegetables, meat or fish and rice without any odor or taste mixture. Its LCD screen allows you to adjust the temperature for each food separately, which is very useful, since lighter foods, such as vegetables, need lower temperature as well as less cooking time to be ready. Despite its dimensions, it only weighs 4, 8 Kg.
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Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Digital Steamer

Best electric food steamer review amazon
Its three trays offer a total capacity of 9 liters and allow you to cook different foods at the same time. The one-liter one is specific for cooking rice and eggs. Thanks to a special indicator, it is possible to constantly monitor the water level, to be added eventually through the two side openings. It is equipped with a 60-minute timer with automatic switch-off and an acoustic signal at the end of cooking. It has an easy-to-clean stainless steel base and the three trays are stackable so that they can be stored in the smallest space.
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Philips Advance Collection Steamer

Philips Advance Collection Steamer review
The Philips steamer is one of the most practical and best quality in the market. With it you can prepare from steamed vegetables, to lean meats of beef, chicken, and pork, thanks to its great power of vaporization (2000 W). It has LED indicator to program its function of food cooking, in addition to 3 compartments for food in transparent plastic. In terms of capacity, adding all the compartments, its total capacity is 9 liters for vegetables and meats, plus a compartment for rice up to 2.5 liters. It is useful for cooking for several people. Its price may be somewhat high for some buyers, but if you are looking for quality and reliability it can be a great choice.
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Tefal Vitacuisine Compact

The 7 Best Food Steamers to Buy in 2018
The Tefal VS4003 is one of the best vaporizers. With Vitamin + Function that better preserves vitamins from food Thanks to its 3 separate compartments, you can cook 3 kinds of food at a time, because the smells and flavors do not mix. In addition, its function of hot maintenance at the end of cooking makes it easy to cook foods that can be ready in 15 minutes and those that take up to 40 minutes to be ready. The 60-minute timer allows us not to have to wait for the cooking time for each food. Two of its three compartments bring a tray to cook the food that you have marinated or to which you have added sauce. It is one of the steamers with greater capacity of all, with 9 liters.
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Kenwood FS 620

best vegetable steamer basket
It also satisfies the high demands of preparation, thanks to the overall capacity of its three baskets, equal to 12 liters, and a high power of 2000 W. The device is also very intuitive to use, since it is activated by simply rotating the timer. Very robust, has the bottom of the stainless steel tubs. The tank is removable to allow total cleaning. Supplied with the 1.2-liter rice bowl.
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SEB Cuiseur vapour Vitacuisine Compact

best stainless steel food steamer
Despite being a simple model, it is useful to cook 2 foods with similar characteristics. By placing the bowls on top of each other, you can adjust the cooking time, as indicated in the steamer. You do not need to be aware of cooking food, since its automatic shutdown system makes it possible for you to dedicate yourself to other activities while cooking. This steamer does not need much power, since it does not include specialized functions for the cooking of food. The general assessment of this machine is very positive.
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Why buy an electric steamer?

Gastronomic culture is a world in constant evolution but often it is important to use simple and natural technologies to cook food. This is why an instrument that has been in demand in the market in recent times is the electric steamer.

What is an electric steamer?

An electric steamer is a type of kitchen appliance that can be used to cook a wide variety of different types of food. This useful appliance is a fantastic option for people who want to create healthy and nutritious dishes. It allows you to cook vegetables and other foods by storing most of their nutrients and vitamins, as well as their natural flavor, something that would usually be destroyed and lost with modern appliances or by boiling in water.

How does the electric steamer work?

The way in which food is cooked in the steamer is unique due to the delicacy of the process. Use water as a means of cooking, without coming into contact with food, as is the case with boiling. In this way, the cell walls of the food are not attacked by the liquid at high temperatures and the dispersion of the content of vitamins and minerals as well as the health properties is avoided. In fact, when steaming, the food gradually softens, retaining all the qualities present.

Cook with the electric steamer?

Simply fill the appropriate tank with fresh water, place the food in the steaming baskets and activate the device. Once the steamer is turned on, you will begin to notice that the water in the water tank is boiling in the same way as a kettle would. This process is completely normal and means that your food is cooking correctly. You need to make sure you have filled the water tank up to the maximum line because you would not be sure the water runs out. If this happens, it may damage the appliance or constitute a fire hazard. In any case, the modern steam generators are equipped with safety sensors that automatically switch off the device when there is no more water in the base.

Food in the electric steamer?

The boiling process should not stop because it is actually used to generate steam inside the bottom of your steamer. This is important because the steam will gradually begin to rise upwards and permeate until all the separate baskets for steaming are saturated, thus surrounding the food you put inside them the contact steam will quickly start to cook it.

Cooking time with the electric steamer?

The amount of time it will take to cook your food depends on two different factors: the type of food you are cooking, whether it is whole or chopped vegetables, and the model of steamer you are using. You should always check the manufacturer's guidelines before setting the timer so you can make sure the food is completely cooked. To activate an electric steam pot, simply connect to the home network.

Which foods with an electric steamer?

With the steamer, you can cook many foods. However, the most suitable are definitely vegetables that thanks to this type of cooking guarantee us a full of vitamins and healthy nutrients. Even the meat can give good results of flavor, especially the white one, or the fish that can be cooked whole or in slices, remaining soft and full of taste. It is also possible to steam the seafood and the molluscs and even the eggs. To finish all the cereals are very good if steamed, especially the rice that retains all its precious nutritional qualities and its aromatic taste. Finding the right tool can save you a lot of time in the kitchen. They range from simple steam baskets to electric steam generators to multi-purpose cooking ovens. Let's see the types together.

Steam basket or electric steamer?

If the steam generator is missing at home, the simplest method is to use a steamer basket, or a basket to cook the dishes that can be made of stainless steel or other materials such as bamboo or silicone. The steam baskets are available in various formats, some universals that adapt to normal household pans, while others are sold in co-ordinated to the pot of the exact size for the basket. To steam it, just put the water in the pot, depending on the type of recipe you are preparing and overlap the basket, closing it with its container and making sure that the water does not come into direct contact with the food.

Disadvantages of the steam basket

Even if it is a versatile and very simple accessory, it has a not indifferent limit: it is possible to cook one dish at a time. In addition, to check cooking or that there is still water, the lid must be opened, thus lowering the temperature and increasing the cooking time required. A further alternative is to use the steam basket with a pressure cooker.

Steam cooking baskets in the cockpit?

An alternative to the steam basket to be placed inside a pot is given by pans whose steel or glass baskets can be stacked on top of each other. The cooking principle is the same as the steam baskets: the water is placed in the base pot and the steam rises while cooking overlying food. The advantages are being able to cook more foods together, visually checking the cooking if you have glass baskets. They exploit the heat generated in the pot below to heat or cook different dishes in the upper levels.

Slow cooker or electric steamer?

It is also possible to cook steam with a slow-cooking pot, so-called "slow cocker". These are multi-purpose electric pans that allow you to cook the dishes even leaving them unattended, when you are not at home, or while you are doing something else, without the risk of burning dinner. In other words, the slow cooker requires only the preparation of the ingredients and a careful setting of the program best suited to the recipe you intend to prepare. Then with the "electric pot", you will not have to worry about constantly checking the degree of cooking, as it is necessary to do using the most traditional cooking methods, such as cooking in the pan or in the oven. They can be used to steam vegetables, delicate cereals, and small vegetables, beans and some cereals, and to cook soups and stews slowly.

How is an electric steamer made?

The electric steamer can be considered a real appliance in its own right. It is a device formed by a tank base in which to put the water and a series of baskets that can be stacked, thus managing to cook more food at the same time, saving time.

Baskets of the electric steamer?

There are different models of electric steamer composed of a variable number of baskets with different capacities, so you should choose the appliance according to the needs of your kitchen. A great advantage of this steamer is the fact that the baskets are transparent and allow us to control the cooking more easily, plus the various parts of the appliance can be washed in the dishwasher. Some models have a tray where you can add spices and aromas to flavor your dishes. They are often equipped with timers and auxiliary safety functions, which you can simply adjust and do not worry until the timer switches off. Some models may have stainless steel baskets.

Price of the electric steamer?

The price of an electric steamer is generally accessible, especially if it is purchased in the online sales channel where there are always many interesting offers. You pay a little more if you want more capabilities and additional features like a digital timer, a delayed start option or a built-in rice cooker.

Size of the electric steamer?

Most electric steam generators have three tiered containers with holes in the bottom for steaming. They can be used separately or in combination to provide sufficient capacity to cook an entire meal in the family and can also be reorganized during cooking to vary the temperature, taking care to use a cloth or oven gloves when removing the baskets to avoid burns from steam. Some steamers have baskets with compartments and removable bases to create a higher steam area for cooking larger dishes such as whole chickens. There are also models of electric steamer glass containers of different sizes that fit one inside the other. This makes these appliances compact when it comes to storing them in the closet.

Timer of the electric steamer?

Many electric steam generators have an analog timer of 60 minutes that can be activated to set the cooking time. The more expensive models have digital timers and delayed start functions, which allow you to set the steamer to start working at a set time during the day.

Water levels in the electric steamer?

It is recommended that you choose an electric steamer with a visible water indicator on the outside so you can be sure you have filled it completely. Electric steam generators rarely run out of the water and many emit a sound signal if they do. So you can recharge the water while they are still running. Some steam cookers have an external input so as to top up the water during cooking without having to remove the cooking containers and risk getting burned.

Maintaining heat in the electric steamer?

It is good to opt for a steam cooker with a warm-up function as it keeps food at a safe temperature for up to an hour or two after cooking until you are ready to eat. Some models automatically switch to hot mode at the end of cooking, while others need to set this function during cooking. Of course, you will need to make sure there is enough water left in the steamer to take advantage of this feature.

Cleaning the electric steamer?

Many kitchen utensils are not easy to clean and the electric steamers are an exception. The best electric steam appliances are not only perfect for steaming, but make cleaning a priority. Look for a model with dishwasher-safe compartments and lids and a removable drip tray for easier cleaning.

Electric kettle steamer for rice?

The most expensive equipment is equipped with a special container that turns them into an electric steamer for rice. It is a small steam accessory that fits inside one of the baskets so you can steam the rice. It may take longer to cook the rice in this way, but the final results are very appreciable.

The water level of a steamer?

Now that you know the type of steamer you can use, here are some general tips to help you learn how to use the steamer and to prepare the best dishes to taste. First of all, do not add too much water. The most important component of steam cooking is water. Of course, adding the right amount of water is the key to good cooking. When using a steamer basket on the stove, you will want to start by adding about 2-5 cm of water to the base. You must prevent the water level from exceeding the steam basket when placed in the pot, as this is one of the fastest ways to ruin the meal by losing the most precious nutrients. However, you do not even want to put too much water, as this could lead to burning the pan if the water evaporates completely before you have finished cooking the food.

Boil the steamer water first?

When you start learning how to cook vegetables, it is quite common to simply prepare everything in the baskets at the same time and turn on the machine. However, you may find that the final dish is better when you first bring the water to a boil, then add the vegetables or other food to be cooked. Once the water is boiling, simply add all the vegetables, close the lid and start the steaming process. You may also want to experiment with the heat rotation up or down while the food is steaming.

Time to use the steam?

One of the most difficult tasks that a home chef must face is to bring everything to the table at the same time, keeping each dish warm and tasty. Steamed vegetables take only a few minutes to cook. However, sometimes you may find that your vegetables or other foods have steamed while others are not ready yet. Rather than leaving those ready in the pot, which would continue to cook until soft, put them in a bowl full of ice water. This will help keep the vegetables crisp.

Alternatives to water for steaming?

Although the most common way to steam is to use water, you cannot limit yourself to this. Get creative and give your food a slightly different taste. Instead of using just plain water, try using chicken or vegetable broth. Maybe add salt or lemon to the water before it starts to boil. If you like to experiment in the kitchen, add some herbs to the water, such as sprigs of rosemary, sliced garlic, sprigs of dill or lemongrass. You will have a pleasant taste, less intense than what you get by putting herbs directly on food. While experimenting, one must, however, consider the fact that these interventions can change the amount of time needed to get to the boil, which could affect the total cooking time.

Gasket of the electric steamer?

For your food to cook properly in the steamer, the steam must actually completely permeate the food without getting lost. If you have a large lid, a small amount of steam will disperse and you will find it more difficult to cook your food. In most cases, this could just be a drawback that lengthens the process or slightly alters the way food tastes. However, in severe cases, for example, if you're cooking chicken, you may end up with uncooked food. A meat thermometer is the best way to stop you from serving badly prepared food.

Prepare the food before steaming?

Another way to create a delicious steaming meal is to prepare food before starting the cooking process. For vegetables, you may want to add some herbs, spices or garlic to the mix. Instead of sprinkling herbs in the pot, roll the vegetables in a bowl with olive oil and herbs mixed together. You can also fry the garlic and olive oil and add the vegetables at the end. We can also do the same when we cook fish or chicken. You might also want to consider allowing the meat to marinate for a short period of time. The devices supplied with a recipe book will allow you to indulge in the kitchen! If you are using a steam basket on the stove, there is sometimes a loss of lid seal. When you see it, try adding a cloth between the top of the steamer and the lid.