The 7 best football games for iPhone and iPad | Free iOS soccer games

Do not waste more time downloading and testing free iOS soccer games. We gather for you the best football games for free that you should try on your iPhone or iPad, whether you prefer the arcade or the manager.

Apple App Store is the official market for the iOS mobile system that provides users with a variety of applications and games. In this store, just like the applications, there is an infinite number of games divided into several categories such as games of shooting, puzzle, racing, motorcycle, reflection, football etc. Well, today We are only interested in football games, which are among the most downloaded and are so numerous that we have to make several installations before finding the best of all this number.
best football games for iPhone and iPad Free iOS soccer games
And as always, since we are here to help you a little bit, we tested several of these games and took the opportunity to make a selection of the 7 best iPhone and iPad football games.

The best soccer games for iPhone and iPad: guaranteed fun!

If you are one of those who enjoy playing football and feeling that excitement of making unique plays that end in a goal, surely one of the following games will give you many hours of fun. You will also find here games that are far from the purest simulator that we usually find in console versions, but that still offer a very fun style of play.

PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

As it cannot be otherwise, we start with what is for many as one of the best sagas of football simulator in history. In this version of PES 2018 for iOS, Konami has wanted to continue maintaining the essence of the simulator. That is why we have an advanced control mode that dispenses with the classic on-screen controls, in favor of gestural control that allows more complex moves. Although if you are looking for simplicity you can also activate the classic control mode with on-screen buttons. Unfortunately, the licenses of many teams are missing. For example, we only have FC Barcelona, Atl├ętico de Madrid and Valencia CF of the Spanish League. This is compensated by the addition of a new game mode that allows us to play with other friends directly via Bluetooth. We also have other game modes such as the Event Mode to unlock players and rewards, or the Campaign Mode where we will play both by controlling the players and in a manager mode.

FIFA Soccer

EA Sports also has its mobile version of the FIFA saga, but unlike Konami, they have wanted to get away from the purist simulator style to offer something that can attract more players and that is more comfortable to control. If you play from your iPhone, the controls are quite accessible, but this is not the case with the iPad. The controls can be a little uncomfortable, since for example to make a shot or a pass you will have to draw or touch on the screen, which entails moving your hand away from the buttons that are in the lower corners. Obviating this inconvenience with the controls, we find a game that offers a lot of content to have fun. We have for example the campaign mode with which we can improve our style of play in addition to exceeding the 102 levels offered by the Spanish League (or one of the many leagues with official license offered, with a total of up to 550 official teams). Also, we can get rewards to improve our team of 11 players in the Faced Attack mode or in the Leagues and Events. We will have to get skill cards and players to level up both our team and the skills of each of the players. Obviously, here is the key to FIFA Mobile being free, since we can buy envelopes where we can find this type of cards and get more points that allow us to continue playing when our resistance is over.

Dream League Soccer 2018

For many, the Dream League Soccer is the best iOS soccer game, combining good playability with well-crafted three-dimensional graphics and licensing for a number of leagues, teams and players. It allows you to create your own team with the best players in the world, it allows you to choose your own stadium and allows you to control all the financial transactions of your team. In Dream Leagues Soccer you assemble your team, choose your shirt, captain and then you start playing in the 3rd division league. As you progress, it gives you the opportunity to improve your team and compete with the best teams on the planet.

Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues

By installing Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues on your iOS device, you can experience another soccer game from the creators of the famous Soccer Star World Legend game that focuses on soccer leagues. Participate in the league of different countries and win the league with successive victories. Start your career as a regular soccer player and gradually progress and reach the top of the best soccer players! When you become a professional player, you will earn enough money to have a luxury home, a luxury car and even a boat. You can also buy equipment for your training and hire a trainer! If you really like football, this game without Internet will not disappoint you!

Football Strike

We do not always have enough time to play a full game, but if you want a football game that engages you and that consists of short games without a doubt Football Strike you will love it because it is inspired by the formula of the famous Clash Royale to be addictive and very funny. We have 3 different game modes in which we only have to order or score a goal or stop a possible goal. In the Shots Race mode, we will compete with another random user to get the highest number of points shooting at targets in the goal. In Free Throws, you will alternate between goalkeeper and striker, in the style of a penalty shoot but from different positions. Finally, we have the Professional Career mode that would be the equivalent of a campaign mode, with different challenges to overcome to unlock money.

Score! Hero

If you were interested in the previous one, you should also take a look at Score! Hero, since it is based on a similar idea, but focuses exclusively on the individual game. We will start by creating a character that we will try to take from one of the most modest teams in a European league to the top. Little by little, we will unlock content to customize it as we go forward and unlock stars. Each level has 3 stars, we will unlock them if we meet the challenge they ask us: normally the basic star is to score a goal, but the rest of the stars can ask us to make specific plays such as the goal is a header, that is for the squad or thanks to an assistance from our character. Score! Hero is based solely on passes and shots. That is, we will not control any player directly. We will tell where to shoot or who to pass the ball to and from where. We will have complete freedom when deciding if we risk shooting from a distance or trying to focus to see if our character appears and scores a goal. And most importantly, you can play the game without internet connection.

Top Eleven 2018 Soccer Manager

Top Eleven is one of the most addictive football games. In this game, you are the manager of a football team. You can manage the team the way you want. Assign tactics, make substitutions, and direct your players. You can continue playing and winning matches in different tournaments and leagues. Manage your team and win big!


So, it's all people. These are some of the best soccer games for iPhone and iPad. Do not forget to download some of them and try them, we are sure you will not be disappointed! If you wish to add other titles to the list, let us know in the comments below. Also, do not forget to share the article with your friends. Thank you.