Best graphic tablets for graphics design - reviews

Until relatively recently, artists and graphic designers were limited to working on paper and pencil. That required a lot of tools, like pencils of different thickness, and if they made any mistakes, correcting them was not easy. For that reason, the appearance of programs such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator caused many designers and illustrators to move to digital drawing. However, both the mouse and the keyboard had great deficiencies in the accuracy they could offer. Have you ever tried to draw using the touch panel of your computer? It is terrible, so imagine how complicated it could be to create an illustration or retouch a photo with precision. Until the graphics tablets appeared.
Best graphic tablets for graphics design reviews
A graphics tablet is a device that connects to a monitor via USB cable or wirelessly. It basically consists of a rigid and sensitive board on which you can use a stylus to transfer your drawings to the computer screen with spectacular precision. If you are interested in the design but you are not sure which graphics tablet to buy, in this guide I will show you what you should look for along with the ten best tablets in the market price-quality ratio. Go for it!

How to choose a graphics tablet?

According to experts, the most important characteristics to assess to choose a graphics tablet correctly are the following (in order of importance):

Pressure levels

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect in any of these devices. The higher the sensitivity of the pressure, the better you can control the thickness of the lines you draw depending on how hard you press the stylus on the surface of the tablet. The most common are tablets that offer up to 2,048 pressure points. This is usually more than enough (equivalent to trying to draw more than 2,000 shades of gray with the same pencil), and although there are models with higher levels of pressure, in practice you will hardly notice the difference.


The measures of the graphics tablet depend essentially on your preferences and type of work. The larger, larger drawing area, but will also take up more space. The smaller ones measure about 6 x 4 inches (15 x 12 cm approximately), they tire less (because you have to move the arm less) and you can place them perfectly next to your keyboard. Many people even end up using them as a substitute for the mouse. However, if you work with large monitors (20 inches or more) you will surely need a larger size tablet. The largest reach or exceed 10 x 6 inches (25 x 15 cm approximately), and occupy a space similar to that of a full keyboard. Its users are usually professional graphic designers who need a higher level of detail or constantly zoom.


The resolution is the number of lines you can draw per inch (LPI). For practical purposes, determine the level of detail you can achieve with the surface of the tablet. The majority of small graphics tablets have a resolution of 2,540 LPI, while the largest reach doubles: 5,080 LPI. Both are more than enough to reach levels of professional detail.

Entry delay

Although it is not a factor that usually appears in the descriptions of the models, it is a fundamental characteristic. The drivers of the graphics tablet are what determines which programs are compatible with it and the absence of entry delay. And there is nothing more unpleasant than drawing and the lines do not appear immediately.


The price is a determining factor, more when there is so much disparity between models. Graphic tablets aimed at beginners, with lower levels of pressure and resolution, usually do not exceed 100 euros. The most professional tablets, those that incorporate multi-touch screen or other extras can go beyond 500 dollars.


A touch pen is usually included with the graphics tablet, and it is possible to find a huge variety of features between models. There are pencils that do not require batteries or batteries, others are rechargeable and others work with batteries. Those who carry a battery usually offer additional extras such as quick functions or recognition of the inclination for fine strokes. There are pencils that allow you to even change the tip to resemble a pen, charcoal pencil or brush. Although many manufacturers do not sell pens or tips separately, Wacom sells several tip types and even pen formats to suit the needs of its users.

Quick functions

Many tablets allow you to program quick functions directly on the buttons of the stylus or on the graphics tablet itself. The buttons of the pencil usually have the function of right click and double click, although some models allow assigning them to other functions. As for the tablet, usually the larger the drawing surface, the more buttons you will find. Some Wacom tablets, such as the Intuos, also incorporate a touch circle that allows you to control the zoom, brush size and rotation of the canvas, and customize with additional functions. In general, the greater the capacity of personalization offered by a graphics tablet, greater comfort, and productivity.

Multi-touch function and tilt recognition

Both features usually separate what would be an amateur tablet from one for professionals. The multi-touch function allows you to use the surface of the tablet as if it were a trackpad of a computer, for example by zooming by separating two fingers or rotating the screen. The Reconnaissance of inclination is a function to vary the type of layout as the angle at which the stylus is held. This offers even greater control over the thickness and style of the lines, but it is a feature designed especially for professional use.

The 7 best graphics tablets of 2019

If you want to capture your ideas on a Tablet to save them on your computer, the best thing you can do is buy one of the best graphics tablets of the moment. You just have to read the following list and acquire the model that most interests you.

Huion Graphics Tablet

best graphic tablets for drawing
I start talking about a tablet model that gives very good results, although its price is very economical. The truth is that when you start working with this graphics tablet you realize the benefits it offers. It has everything you need when working with it in a comfortable and simple way. Moreover, it has a very good recognition system, and thanks to its sensitivity, which is also adequate. It also includes an 8gb card so you can save your projects better. This is a detail that I liked when I met him. I can tell you that as a whole it is a great alternative if you want to be able to work with this type of tablet.


• Great sensitivity to pressure
• Excellent response speed
• Very competitive price


• A matter of preferences, but the surface is very slippery
Discover more and the price here

Ugee graphics tablet with sensitivity levels

best graphic tablets for designers
It is another option that has surprised me for good. For you to get the idea, has a perfect size to work with it, while allowing us to enjoy a large number of extras, thanks to that comes with everything you need to start working. Of course, I want to make clear that it is good for normal use, since for a professional it may be true that it is a little short. In this case, you will have to make a slightly higher investment to have the guarantee of buying a good model.


• Good precision
• Unbeatable price
• Includes most functions


• Simple optical pen
• Some models have given compatibility problems
Discover more and the price here

Huion KAMVAS GT-191

best graphic tablets with screen
If you are just starting out in digital graphic design and prefer a tablet with a built-in screen for an experience as close as possible to working on paper, the Huion KAMVAS GT-191 is your choice. For an exceptionally competitive price compared to models that offer similar features, this graphics tablet offers you a HUGE 19.5-inch screen (make sure you have enough space on your desk!) With Full HD resolution and excellent color rendering. The tablet allows you to adjust your angle of inclination so that you work as comfortable as possible and offers very good accuracy thanks to its 8,192 levels of pressure. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Adobe Suite, and incorporates a rechargeable PE330 stylus with two programmable quick function buttons. The box also includes a drawing glove and extra tips for the pencil.


• Excellent screen
• Great precision
• Maximum compatibility


• Size not suitable for everyone
• A light distance between screen and pencil
Discover more and the price here

Digitalizing graphics tablet

the best cheap graphics tablets
This is probably the best cheap graphics tablet in the market. This model has a working area of 1.1 × 5.6 cm, that is, you can design and work with it easily. As in the previous case, it is a somewhat simple model, so I recommend it for people who want to use it as fun or to start learning more things in this world. In addition, it can be a good option to quickly sign documents online. Of course, in exchange for its low price, the pen does not include a battery. This means that you will have to buy it separately. It is not a high expense, but it seems to me an error on the part of the seller.


• Price
• Great for beginners
• Extras
• Portable


• Maybe too small for some
• Sensitivity not great for advanced use
Discover more and the price here

Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphic Tablet

reviews for best graphics tablets drawing
As you know, we are facing one of the best graphics tablets of the moment. Moreover, it is one of the most used models by professionals. This is because the quality is very good. When buying it, you should know that you can buy it in different sizes according to your needs. In addition, you can get to make designs of maximum quality thanks to its level of sensitivity. Do not hesitate, if you want a quality tablet, this is the model you can bet on. Not only do I say it because it is the best known, but because it really offers what it promises. You will not be disappointed.


• Excellent accuracy
• Great quality in the finishes
• Huge customization possibilities


• It has no slope recognition
• Few quick function keys
Discover more and the price here

Wacom Bamboo CTL471

best graphics tablets for the money
Designed specifically for those who are just starting out in graphic design, the Wacom Bamboo is an economical, reliable and manageable graphics tablet that offers 1,024 pressure points to obtain a good variety in the outline of the lines. Considered the small sister of the Wacom Intuos Pro, this reversible tablet (ideal for left-handers) offers excellent quality and ergonomics. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows, connects to the computer via USB cable and includes three tips of different thickness for the stylus. Undoubtedly, a great option for those who are starting in the edition of photos and digital drawing.


• Wacom quality at an excellent price
• Maximum compatibility


• Something short in terms of pressure levels
Discover more and the price here

XP-Pen Star05 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet

best graphics tablets on the market
The XPen Star 05 is a slim minimalist tablet with an 8 x 5-inch work surface that feels quite ergonomic and manageable. On your left, you have an area with controls to maximize productivity, and your stylus includes two more quick-function keys. It works without batteries, it has eight extra tips, and its only negative point is that it does not include the erase tool in the pencil itself (to be taken into account if you are one of the users who prefer to use it). It has 2,048 levels of pressure which allow it to offer excellent accuracy. In addition, you can connect to the computer via WiFi, avoiding more wiring on the table. Undoubtedly, an excellent tablet for those who are starting in graphic design.


• Wireless connection
• High precision at a very tight price
• Maximum compatibility


• Does not include erase function in the pen
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