Best mobile Battle Royale games for iOS | Free iPhone and iPad game

We review the best mobile Battle Royale games for iOS in this special report that we have prepared for fans of the genre. Get ready to enter massive battles at any time with your iPhone or iPad.

The fever of the action games for iOS have first of all the Battle Royale category. This mechanics has as protagonist the survival titles with the possibility of winning being the last player on the battlefield. Today we have many mobile battle royale games, but here you can find 10 of the best for your mobile.
Best mobile Battle Royale games for iOS iPhone and iPad free
Although they all have the same story, each one makes available different graphics, characters, battle tools and more. Try and download all these deliveries on your Android and fight with your friends and other people around the world.

The top 10 best free battle Royale type games for iPhone and iPad

Of course, we will talk about the hits such as PUBG or Fortnite, but we will also discover some nuggets of royal battle that are worth seeing.

Rules of survival

Rules of survival is a pure battle of royal battle, just like Fortnite. At the beginning of the game, you are parachuted from a plane and land on land with a parachute. You then have 2 goals, the first is to find one or more weapons to defend yourself. All weapons are not equal. Some are more powerful than others. The goal of the game, as for each of Royal Battle, is to be the last player standing, the game ends when only one player remains. You cannot destroy or interact with the scenery, but you can use vehicles available to you such as cars. You can play solo or in a team. The Royal Battle Game is regularly updated and brings new content. Some games can be played up to 300 players.

Black Survival

Another free-to-play game, Black Survival begins by arousing curiosity. There is the presentation of the enigmatic story and a tutorial right at the beginning. Everything happens on an island and you must be the only survivor. With the visualization of the map, it is easy to think about the next steps of the game and to define its strategy. The graphics are colorful and crisp and there are so many feature choices that it's easy to stay hours and hours trying to evolve with your character and learn new things. There are several environments in which you should look for elements that will help your journey, including docks, lighthouse, beach, hospital, alley, school, forest, tunnel, temple and more. During battles, the gameplay is simple with just one touch and attention to the features stored in the backpack, so you always find (or can try) an exit!


This is definitely the most popular game in the royal battle category. The rules of the game are simple. You have the choice between solo or team mode. At the beginning of the game, you are in a plane, you eject when you want. Once arrived on the ground, you will have to find as quickly as possible weapons, of which to cure you in case of wounds and a hiding place to defend you. From there, the goal is to kill all your enemy and to be the last survivor and the game stops when there is only one active player left. If you die you do not return to the end and the party stops for you. You then have the choice between continuing the game in spectator mode or leaving it to integrate another. The beauty of Fortnite is being able to use the elements of your environment. Indeed, thanks to a pickaxe, you will be able to destroy the trees and the buildings that you will cross, in order to recover the materials and to be able then to make your own constructions.

PUBG Mobile

If in the Fortnite Royal Battle Game is the most popular game, PUBG MOBILE is right behind. Also very popular, he brilliantly takes the concept of the royal battle. It's a mix between Fortnite and rules of survivability. The same principle as these, you are propelled from a plane and must quickly find weapons and protection, the goal will be to be the last survivor. The latter is distinguished by graphics and characters more realistic than its counterparts. It takes the best of both games, you can destroy your environment to recover materials, and create your own constructions, but also board the vehicles available. The game claims more than 10 million active players besides China.

Grand Battle Royale

For those of you who prefer your games with a blockier quality, Grand Battle Royale mixes Minecraft-style visuals with the classic Battlegrounds set-up. You don’t air-drop in, and instead simply spawn on the island next to one another. Once the buzzer goes, it’s a mad dash for weapons and carnage as you converge on the center of the map. Random airdrops create more points of contention, as they contain things like weapons, armor and first aid kits. There’s something oddly pleasing about charging around as a little block man, earning money to buy new skins and switching to the first-person mode for extra precision. The cartoon-ish visuals are a great touch and work really well in contrast to the inherently violent nature of the gameplay.

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a royal battle game in cartoon style, it's a first-person shooter. There are several game modes available and the first game mode is the Royal Battle. Your goal is to kill as many people as possible by having you killed as many times as possible, if you die the game does not stop there, you go back in after a while. This mode is available in solo as in a team. The second mode is the position capture mode where the goal is to find that position and defend it against your opponents. You need a few seconds to control the position. This mode is also available in team and solo. During each game, you accumulate money that you can use later to improve your equipment. Guns of Boom regularly updates and hosts seasonal events. In addition, on iOS, you have a spectator mode in augmented reality from the iPhone 8, you will be able to materialize the part of battle royale on a table and turn around to see the action live.

Garena Free Fire

Conversely, Free Fire looks beautiful for a mobile game and is easily the most visually pleasing title on this list. It features an immersive scenario of a game whose aim is to survive. Prepare yourself to compete against other players on a battlefield to see who will be the last to stay alive. You will compete against 50 more players and you should try to stay alive until there is no one left but for this you will have to get items. Within Free Fire - Battlegrounds you will be able to find and use several items that aid in the mission to kill all the other players. Among the available items, you can find powerful weapons and even items that will help in protection like bulletproof vests for example.

Knives Out

Knives Out is a battle royale style action game where you are one of 100 people sent to an island to battle to survive. For this, it will be necessary to collect weapons and eliminate as many opponents as possible while remaining alive. The controls are tailored to the touchscreen of the devices and require some practice, but they work well, with all the basic functions well mapped. The aiming system and left-hand firing also help a lot in accuracy. Graphics are one of Knives Out's strengths, especially when compared to those seen in PUBG clones. Characters, maps, and weapons are well modeled and very cute for mobile games. Another advantage is the advanced settings, which allow users to adjust graphics to improve game performance on different types of devices. Multiplayer matches work very well on stable connections and have not shown any kind of constant crash.

Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale

Considerably older than many entries on this list, Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) is certainly the most feature rich. A first-person shooter with a Minecraft-aping aesthetic, it includes base building, weapon-crafting, guns with color-coded reality and loot chests. The community is an older one, too, which raises the difficulty for newcomers but at least ensures there’s always someone to play with. Still, there's so much going on here that it's almost impossible to get bored. A port of the PC version, it only supports 10 players per match, but the maps (of which there are 35) are smaller and the variety of weapons, items, and modes more than compensates.

Pixel's Unkown Battle Grounds

To end this top beauty, a game a little more fun, it is a pixel art version of PUBG, if the game is more fun, it is nonetheless serious. The principle is always the same and you must be the last survivor. You are parachuted from a plane and must find weapons as quickly as possible and recover materials and health equipment. You will also have the opportunity to drive the cars available.
So far our list of the best free games for iPhone Battle Royale. If you know any more game that you have tried yourselves do not hesitate to share it below in our comments section. Thank you.


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