Best Android Apps For Dog Owners | Take Care Of Your Dogs

If you want to take care of your dog like nobody else, we offer you the best apps for dogs on Android so that you can remain the king of the house.

Dogs are the best friend of man. To have one is like adding an extension to the family because they are really adorable. Taking care of them can be a bit difficult, though. These days, there is a healthy selection of dog apps that can help you. Here are the best dog apps on Android.

The best Android applications to take care of your dog

If you have a dog, we will try to make things a little easier for you. We offer you a special with the best Android applications to take care of your dog. Everything you need to give your best to your favorite pet, that always receives you and that will never fail you, whatever the situation may be. Also, see our selection of the best virtual pet games for Android.


11pets is an application that helps manage the health of your dog. Some features include an integrated calendar that allows you to keep track of your activities such as vet visits, medication schedules, vaccinations, and other events. You can also enter information such as your dog's medical history, such as temperature, weight, and other information. It also contains cute objects, such as dedicated and individual pet galleries, where you can save pictures of your pets. This is one of the best apps for dogs. This is also for other pets.


APCC by ASPCA is one of the essential apps for dogs. It provides a database of plants, hazards, foods, drugs and other toxic substances for your dog. The app also includes a calculator where you can calculate the estimated severity of intoxication based on your dog's size and the amount of material consumed. Everything comes from a company that treats 180,000 poisonings a year in dogs. The application focuses on dogs, cats, horses, and birds. Anyone who has should also seriously consider this application.

Dog Training

Dog Training is an application that gives you advice on how to train your dog. Most people have their own style when it comes to things like that. However, an application like this one can give you useful pointers. It includes tips, popular training methods, and popular tips for solving common problems. The application will not replace a qualified professional. This should, however, be enough for basic things. This is another of the best free apps for dogs, even if it contains advertising.


PetCoach is a newer app that helps you find free veterinary advice. It's a bit like the WebMD for pets (besides PetMD, of course). You can look for symptoms or behaviors, for example, and see if it is symptomatic of something serious. You can also ask questions and get answers from veterinarians, dog trainers, pet nutritionists, and other specialists. This does not replace a real visit to the vet, but it is a good place to get advice on smaller things. They also support other pets.

Pet First Aid

Dogs have the means to put themselves in situations that are really not great. Dog apps like Pet First Aid can help you. It contains detailed instructions on how to give your dog sufficient emergency care and first aid until you can go to the vet. You'll also find guides on administering medications, preventive care tools, and you can even program your vet's number in the app to quickly call it if it does not work. The best part is maybe there are quizzes on the content so you can make sure you learn it. It is a free application and you should get it.


PetDesk is an information app for pet owners. This includes dogs! This helps veterinarians make an appointment to see your dog. In addition, it tracks medication and communications with your veterinarian. The app includes a network of veterinarians, groomers and even boarders. This way you can find a babysitter when you go on vacation. It supports other animals as well as dogs. Many services included cost money, but the application is free to download and use. This is one of the essential applications for dogs.


Rundogo is a fitness app for dogs and humans. Most fitness apps follow your health and that's good. This one also helps you to follow the shape of your dog. It has settings for a variety of activities, including tricks like dog sled races. It also includes outdoor temperature, basic monitoring, progress monitoring, etc. The premium version includes support for Garmin devices and some other cool features. However, the free version should work for most people as long as advertising does not bother you. This is an excellent application to help your dog get the right amount of exercise.

Tractive GPS Pet Finder

Tractive is actually a GPS Pet Tracker with an official application. The products are attached to the collar of your dog (or your cat). The app then tracks the device and, therefore, your pet. It's not the only product of its kind on the market. However, this one seems to have positive reviews and is quite popular. Losing a pet is a devastating and stressful experience that I would not wish anyone. Hardware and software such as this one should make it easier to find your pet if it is outside the safe confines of the home or garden. The application is free, but the devices are a little expensive. This is usually the case for most products, not just Tractive.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the great apps for dogs. Most use it for restaurants, traffic updates and more. However, Maps is a great place to find dog parks, veterinarians, dog friendly hotels, walking places and more. In addition, he should have correct information about things like pet hospitals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and stuff like that in an emergency. Let's face it, you probably already have Google Maps. Why not use it for your dog too?


Thanks to these apps for dogs you can find or educate your dogs. The apps are just an example of everything they have invented to make our life easier with our pet and to give us a hand with it. But there have been dozens of curious inventions that do the same. If we missed one of the best dog apps on Android, tell us about it in the comments.