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The exclusive iOS apps to create funny memes, demotivation and much more on iPhone and iPad. Discover all about these applications.

When you search the web for the best programs for making funny memes, you will find many top quality programs and online sites to create memes. But we are in WerViewer and you know that our specialty is mobile applications, so today we bring you a selection of the best iPhone apps to make your perfect meme.
Best app to make memes on iPhone
If you are a regular internet or messaging applications you will have noticed that the memes are very fashionable, but where do they come from? And how do some of your friends send some even with your images? The answer is very simple: thanks to the facilities offered by mobile devices, there are many simple tools that can be generated in a matter of minutes. To help you, we have made a selection of the best applications to create 'memes' in iPhone.

Create funny memes on your iPhone and iPad with these free iOS meme maker apps

Meme Producer

Meme Producer is a simple and effective app to create memes on your iPhone. Also, it's free (something not very usual coming from iOS). It is presented as the only mobile app that allows you to create memes with more than one image at a time. Still has not convinced you? Among its most outstanding features, we have the ability to choose between your photo gallery and the staff to write photos in the funniest way that exists. And everything in a simple and clear way, with a single touch.

Meme Generator

This iOS application has emerged as one of the funniest options when developing your imagination through the extensive world of memes. It offers a wide selection of memes and a daily update so it will be inevitable that you do not visit it every day to see what's new. In addition, the memes are divided into categories to make it easier for you to search. Its editor is very simple so you can quickly share your own memes with your friends through any social network or messaging application. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch. Requires an iOS 7.0 or later operating system.

Mematic - The Meme Maker

This is another popular, free and easy to use meme maker app for iOS users. With this app, you will have the most popular memes in the world are at your disposal. The default style that comes in the app is the demotivation: photo in the middle of a thick black frame and blank phrase in the bottom. However, you can choose any other arrangement and create posters and flyers of all kinds. The app is free, but you can buy the pro version that allows more work with the text and more images to choose from.


App developed by Ichiban Mobile in which the classic memes are given a twist. If you are tired of always seeing the same memes, the same phrases and in the same places, this is your application. With it, you can give a new face to your friends and family and turn them into the new masters of social networks! The mechanism is very simple: first you take a picture at the moment from the app or use an image that you already have in your gallery; then you have more than three hundred faces to add to your photograph; Once the meme is selected, you only have to add filters and frames to edit the image as you like. And you already have your modern personalized meme!

SMS Rage Faces

Despite having data rate, there are people who still prefer to communicate through SMS messages. However, SMS Rage Faces is for all those who are tired of always sending boring and boring messages. This application is compatible with the iOS operating system and its framework is easy to read and execute. It offers you a gallery of memes that you can expand with your own images, marking as favorites those that you use the most, and a series of emojis and stickers that you can add to your design. All the images of SMS Rage Faces have been duly optimized so that their viewing is not harmful to the retina, in addition to having a special zoom so that there is no neglected aspect. You can also share the memes that you create on other channels such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Text Faces for Texting

This app, as with the aforementioned SMS Rage Faces, offers memes for the SMS format, although they can also be shared on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. In this case, TextFaces starts from a very different type of images than we usually see since they are configured from the Unicode character encoding standard. It stands out for its usability, easy handling, the ability to organize your creations according to its date of origin, or the possibilities of its editor. With it, you can make a list of more advanced symbols with which to modify new images found on the web with which to work from this tool. Original both in its creation and in its development.


This is an application to make memes something unknown, but that will delight the most ingenious. Here we give a twist to the creation of memes and what we can do is combine our favorite photographs with the most popular memes and the famous rage faces. For this, we open the application and choose a photo from our gallery or make one with the camera. Here is the grace, using the three options buttons that appear under the image, we can put a face in the photo (or several depending on the photo) and even add text. Dragging with your finger we put those faces and words how and where we want, we can turn them, give them the right size ... Finally, we can save our creations and even share them from the same application.


We hope that with these apps to make memes on iOS you enjoy and make others enjoy. And as always, we wait for your comments: What is your favorite? Do you know any other application to create them on your mobile? Share with us your advice, doubts and whatever you want. We are waiting!


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