Best call blocker apps for iPhone to block unwanted calls and SMS

How to block unwanted calls and SMS on iPhone? Avoid harassment of acquaintances or unknown numbers by blocking the number with a tap.

Many times we do not feel like receiving those annoying calls from unwanted people, or we are tired of being called by the bank to do promotions. Or maybe you're on vacation and your boss calls you.
You could simply not take the call, but it's easier if you download one of the best apps to block calls on iOS that we bring you today. We have made a small selection of these call blocker applications to avoid annoying numbers on your phones. Pay attention!

Is there an app to block calls on iPhone? Do I have to jailbreak to avoid messages on iPhone?

Actually, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or download apps to block unwanted calls and SMS. From iOS 7, Apple introduced a factory method to block calls. But, if this factory method (discussed below) of the iPhone does not convince you, you can always install more comfortable, complete and intuitive apps to perform the process of blocking calls and spam messages on your iPhone. Here we show you our favorites:

Numbo – Call Protect & Blocker

One of the great iOS apps for blocking calls on iPhone and it offers all the important features for free. It has a simple and very clean interface. The app can easily identify and block unwanted calls and spam. You can also add numbers manually and you will never have to worry about it again. You can also create your own block list apart from its database access. It also offers the possibility to compare any missed calls from unknown numbers with the database list.

Mr. Number

It is a free app and also free of ads to block calls and unwanted messages on your iPhone. With Mr. Number, you will be able to easily block both unwanted calls and those that appear without identification. In addition, you can also block SMS. Upon entering the application, you access a list showing the last calls and text messages received. tapping on one of these numbers you access directly to the blocking screen where you only have to tap on the prohibited number. You can create a block list by adding a number from your contact list or recent calls. The application has a simple and very easy to use interface.

Call Control - Call Blocker

One of the best call blocking apps in the App Store. Call Control is a simple application, but with great potential. What differentiates it from the rest is that it is based on the community, that is, users actively participate in identifying spam. This creates what is called 'black community' where thousands of phone numbers are cataloged as spam. When you open the application you will find a menu with different options, including 'Community', where you can check which phones have been reported as spam. Also, if you have doubts about a phone number, just enter it in the search bar and it will tell you if it is already in the database as spam. Another option is 'Do not disturb', where you can also configure the hours when you do not want to receive any calls or only calls from your list of favorites.


Truecaller is another popular and simple app to block calls and SMS on iPhone. As soon as you access the application, you will be able to see the call log as it appears in your smartphone's own registry. In this section, you can find the desired number (whether or not a contact) to edit or block it. To access the settings section, you must press the icon in the upper left corner to configure the different parameters to your liking. At the bottom of the history, there are three icons. The one on the left, 'Discover', makes some suggestion over time. In the center, you can find the phone number to block it. And in the right, you can block, the most common spammers (for example, the typical calls from telephone companies). It also allows you to block hidden numbers and calls that are on your blacklist. Truecaller is quite configurable and visually pleasing.

Call Blocker: Block spam calls

One of the highest rated iPhone apps to block unwanted calls and SMS. It can identify and block commercial calls or spam calls from telemarketers very efficiently. The app also helps you get the latest and most updated information on telephone scams in the United States. It is free to download but also has a paid version. The paid version offers to remove adds and you can access all records without restriction.

Hiya Caller ID and Block

Although it is primarily marketed as a call blocker, the application has a great interface and comes with some built-in text blocking features. It comes with great features that allow you to filter unwanted calls and spam. It is easy for you to see which messages have been automatically blocked in case you have lost sight of something important. If you are thinking of making a white list of contacts, this app is for you. It has one of the largest spam databases of known ones, so it's guaranteed that you will not have many spam calls.

Block calls on iPhone without jailbreak or apps

However, you can also block calls with iPhone without jailbreak or download applications. We explain how to do it in iOS 7 or later:
Apple, from iOS 7 to later, allows us to layer contacts from the same iPhone. You only have to add the particular number to your contact list and from there you can " block " it. This will allow you to avoid messages and voice calls. That number will have disappeared for you. This is very simple to use. You just have to go to Settings > Phone > Blocking and Caller ID. This function gives you the possibility not only to block calls, but you will not receive messages or FaceTime calls either.
Tap on block number and access your contact list to select the cursed number. Then select the number and you are done.


Our telephone number may fall into the wrong hands, even if we do not give consent for it or we disclose it without precaution. These applications to block calls on iPhone are effective when we need a certain person to stop bothering us by phone. Although they are not necessarily the final solution, at least they will work to avoid incoming calls from known phone numbers. Along with a careful disclosure of our number, we will be more than calm almost all the time, without impertinent calls.