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Here's our selection of the best dog games for Android to play with your virtual pet.

People love dogs. They are adorable and loyal. And if you are one of those who likes dogs, surely you would like to have a game that makes you pass the time when you do not have many things to do. If you want to spend your free time in an application that includes a dog as the main actor read the following article of the best virtual pet games for Android. Surely, you will find the best dog games to play on your Android.
Best dog games for android virtual pet games FREE

The best virtual pet games to play on your Android phone and tablet devices

In general, dog games are a kind of niche on mobile. It's really just a bunch of normal games with dogs as main characters. There are some very good ones and we have listed a few here. Please note that these are not games for dogs. These are very interactive creatures and you should probably grab a Frisbee or a tennis ball before a moving game. Anyway, here are the best dog games for Android. Also, see our selection of the best dog apps for Android.

Dog Sim Online: Raise a Family

If you have had the opportunity to play The Sims and you also like dogs, this App for Android will be too entertaining. With this game, you can simulate being a dog and forming your own family of dogs. You will explore a whole world of options, just like the game of human Sims. Choose between dog breeds like Husky, Dalmata, Doberman, Boxer, German Shepherd, and many more.

Dog Run

Dog Run is an endless runner with a group of dogs. You must avoid obstacles on the road, collect objects and perform the usual tasks of endless runners. The game features multiple levels, a group of unlockable dogs, daily rewards and a few other fun things. It's a solid title for those who love to play infinite running games on mobile. It's a fun and time killer title for kids and adults. The factor of kindness is certainly there even if it is a freemium game. There is not much else to say about it. It's fun, it's simple and there are a lot of dogs. If you are not afraid of older games, Dog Run is a great virtual pet game for your Android.

DogHotel - My Dog Boarding Kennel

With this application, you can be the administrator of a dog resort. You will take care of the different dogs that you will be in charge of. Help them lose weight, learn new tricks or become a firefighter, as the case may be. You will choose between several breeds: Chihuahua, Labrador, Australian Shepherds, etc. Each dog will have its own needs and personality. It will be very fun!

Dog Simulator

Dog Simulator is a simulation game with a group of dogs. It contains elements of the famous Goat Simulator franchise. You run like a dog, create all sorts of chaos and accumulate points. The game also offers six levels in total, several dogs to choose from, costumes for your dog and fairly simple controls. This is another great time killing game to play for hours and hours. However, it's crazy, fun and child-friendly. Some Google Play critics have complained about the occasional motion bug. However, you can scramble in almost anything, so it's not the biggest deal of all time.

My Virtual Pet Shop

In this store you will have fun grooming, bathing, taking care of and dressing the pets that your clients bring to you. You will not only find puppies but also other animals. If you take good care of the macotas you can overcome levels and earn more coins that will give you other benefits. The illustrations are beautiful and eye-catching. It has mini games that will be very fun. If you love dogs and animals in general, you will enjoy playing with the Android application: My Virtual Pet Shop.


FeeDog is easily the most adorable dog game on the list. You find dogs, feed them, watch them grow and play a variety of mini-games. You must also repel ghosts to protect your dog. Let's be honest, the translations for this game are a little rough. However, the game mechanics seem simple, solid and the game worked well in our tests. This one is surprisingly addictive and really child-friendly. However, as time is of the essence, we recommend that you play short game sessions to avoid burnout. Oh, and it's a freemium game. Be careful if you let the kids play it.

Dog Town

Dog Town is another simulation game for Android users. However, this one is a bit more typical. You adopt a dog, you take care of it, you play it and you watch them grow. Dogs have levels and you can even send them on a quest. The game also includes gacha items as there are 60 dogs in total to collect. They can even reproduce. Do not worry, all this is very SFW. This is a dog game a little deeper than most others on the list. You can totally play this one for a while. There seems to be an occasional bug when loading the screen, but nothing serious. It worked well in our tests.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is something for adults. It's a zombie survival game with runner and strategy elements. You run for weapons and ammunition to defend yourself from the endless treasure. You also get a dog mate in this one that helps you a lot. We call this a dog game, but it could be a bit awkward. It's a game with a dog as an important character. In any case, we love the dog in this game. The game itself also features daily and special events and a lot of tension. It's exceptional in that endless runners go.

Dog free children puzzles

This Android puzzle game is ideal if you have children and also love dogs. You can choose between puzzles of 6, 9, 12, 16, 30 or 56 pieces and adjust the level of difficulty according to your child's abilities. If you hit, you'll have fun rewards.


Now you know the best games for Android with dogs. We invite you to have fun with some of them and spend pleasant moments with your family. If we missed one of the best dog games for Android, tell us about it in the comments. We hope you liked our recommendation. If you liked this article, please do share this with your friends. Thank you.