Best free photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad – the definitive guide

Are you looking for apps to modify photos? Applications to crop images? The best iOS photo editor app? Find what you want!

Our mobile phone allows us to edit all kinds of content, whether texts, photographs, videos or music. Our devices, thanks to mobile applications for editing multimedia, are a strong tool for creativity and productivity. Whether it's for pleasure or work, today we bring you the best app to edit photos on iPhone and iPad.
Best free photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad
We have tried to find some more alternatives to iOS photo editing apps. We already discussed the top apps to write in photos and even those apps to make memes. Maybe some are less known, but they are worth it for the quality they offer. Do not miss it!

Let’s see the best app for editing photos on iPhone and iPad that exist today. Make the most of your camera!

Want to enhance your photos taken with your iPhone or iPad? Be aware that on the Apple Store, there are many applications that can retouch your photos and apply filters. We have selected for you the best of them. Are you ready to meet them? Let's start then.

Adobe Photoshop Express

We all know that Adobe Photoshop is the most used software around the world for photo editing professionally. On the other hand, we have Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS devices. Consider that this is a simplified version of the desktop version with features much less suitable for better performance on a touch device. Do not underestimate the Adobe Photoshop Express application simply because it is a dimmed version, as it is still far better than many of the photo editing applications that are currently available for iPhones and iPads. Adobe Photoshop Express keeps users engaged with many tools like noise reduction, flaw remediation, flaws and many more for in-depth photo editing that can consume time rather than quick changes with just filters. Users have total control over what they do on the image. In addition, the application allows you to create studio-caliber collages with a few taps. Other features of the application include RAW file support, TIFF support, the ability to create watermarked images, upload photos to cloud storage services, and more.


Like almost any photo editing application, Polarr brings you everything you expect from an application of this type, providing you with the standard set of editing tools and filters to enhance your images. smartphone in minutes. That being said, Polarr has an outstanding feature that makes it easy to distinguish itself from the rest of the competition and is a very accurate face detection without the need to connect to the Internet. We do not think there is another application that can approach Polarr in this department. Polarr uses the facial recognition API to Apple iOS that is implemented in 10 to make changes very specific face of a user in a photo. Although there are many faces in a photo, such as when standing in a crowd, the application will accurately modify all faces. How cool is it?

Fotor - Photo Editor & Collage

If you want to enhance all your creativity and potential as a photographer, this is the application you were looking for. The app works on the one hand as a camera in which we find six different shooting modes, grid, fire button, burst option, square mode and timer. On the other hand, you will find endless options to adjust photos, such as the SRL approach, more than 100 effects and filters, add texts, frames and clip arts, pixelate photos, basic and advanced tools and even make mixes with several photos. Fotor Editor also offers many opportunities to sell your best work and at the same time be in contact with a large community of professionals and amateurs passionate about photography. Want to know more and download the app? Just follow the link below.


Snapseed offers excellent photo editing tools, as powerful as the paid applications. With Snapseed, you can automatically correct your images, align them, crop them, give them a Retro, Black and White look or reproduce the style of silvery photos. Snapseed is a very easy-to-use application, just scan the screen to apply different filters and edit your photos. It is also very easy to import and export, without affecting their quality. You can also make selective adjustments or delete unwanted objects. SnapSeed also allows you to edit RAW images. It is available for free on the App Store. Want to know more and download the app? Just follow the link below.


VSCO is a free photo application. It also acts as a photo editing application, offering a myriad of interesting filters to infuse classic or modern tunes to your photos. Retro filters are particularly realistic, which is the strength of VSCO. The application also offers various editing tools to make changes: cropping, smoothing, exposure, color and sharpness, etc. Want to know more and download the app? Just follow the link below.


PicsArt is a classic photo editing application available for years on the App Store, but also on the Android Play Store. It offers almost any editing tool you might want: cropping, trimming, a myriad of filters to turn your photos into works of art, adjusting photos to square format (WhatsApp profile photo), the removal of annoying details, etc. PicsArt is available as a free download. Some tools and filters are not free, but most basic features are available for free. Want to know more and download the app? Just follow the link below.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

PhotoShop Fix offers most of the simple editing tools of the famous eponymous PC application. You can make various changes such as cropping, trimming, white balance, adjusting the exposure and contrast, and so on. Using Adobe PhotoShop Fix requires a Creative Cloud account that you can create for free and enjoy the basic benefits. It is not necessary to have a subscription. Want to know more and download the app? Just follow the link below.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is a relatively young application compared to most other photo editing applications, but it is far from unknown. It has become popular thanks to its unique filters that turn your photos into real works of art. Other apps like PicsArt offer similar filters, but Prisma's results are really impressive. Want to know more and download the app? Just follow the link below.

Beauty Plus

This is a tool for photo retouching on iPhone and iPad. The application improves your beauty in the photos, ideal to make you look prettier (or handsome) in the pictures with just press a button. Even in low light conditions, the app has intelligent exposure and captures bright and smooth images. Allows selfies (3 seconds delay if you want) and allows different beauty filters. Softens the skin, removes defects (wrinkles, blemishes, pimples and other imperfections), thins your face and / or body and removes dark circles automatically. In addition, it gives an attractive and bright touch to your eyes.


That's all for now, friends. These are our selection of photo editing apps available on iOS. Of course, some social apps like Instagram and Snapchat offer their own tools, with various filters to add to your images before sharing them with your friends. We hope you enjoy these applications to edit photos. In Werviewer, we always make you the best selections so you do not have to do intensive searches that will make you lose hours. Please do share this article with your friends and family. Thank you.