The best GPS pet tracking device for dogs with or without monthly fees

Are you afraid of losing your dog? Now this problem has a solution. I invite you to buy one of the best dog locators with or without monthly fees, through which you can easily find your pet.

We've all heard about GPS for dogs. But are they really useful? How do these devices work? The reality we like or not is that even the most careful owners have lost their dog once, something that at times has made us feel insecure and anxious not to know where exactly our dog was. And this is when GPS for dogs are very useful since they allow us to have located our best friend at all times, avoiding dangerous situations. In this article, we will see how they work, when they are useful and the 4 best that currently exist in the market.
best GPS pet tracking device for dogs

How does a GPS for dog work?

A GPS for dogs consists of a device that is placed on the leash of our dog and that allows us to have it located at all times through our mobile phone. Once we have placed the GPS in the collar (and this has enough battery) the device will use GPS technology to determine its own position, transmitting that position to your phone through mobile networks and showing it on a map on our mobile. This will allow us to know precisely what is the exact location of your dog, even though it is constantly changing its position.
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What uses does a GPS have for dogs?

Although the main function of a GPS for dogs is the immediate location of your pet, some models have more advanced options that will allow us to use it in other situations, these are some examples:
See where our dog has been: knowing where our dog has been before can be very useful at certain times (to know if he has been at the neighbor's house, has gone to a dangerous place ... etc.)
Warn us when an area excels: some models allow you to configure them to let us know if our dog goes beyond a certain limit (for example, when you leave your garden, approach a road, get to a dangerous place, etc.)
Make statistics of use: if you practice sports or you just want to control the amount of exercise that your dog practices you may be interested in knowing the routes and the kilometers traveled in the daily walks. This information can be consulted from the mobile phone, as long as the application allows it.
• Have located more than one dog: some models allow you to control several devices at the same time from your mobile phone, something that can be useful if you have more than one pet at home or practice sports hunting.

What should I consider before buying a GPS for dogs?

There are several things to keep in mind when buying a GPS for your dog. These are the 5 most important.
A leash is necessary: although most of the photos that show GPS for dogs usually appear on a leash, these are usually sold separately. If you want to use your usual strap check that it is securely attached to your dog's neck and that the GPS device fits correctly to the strap.
It must be compatible with your mobile: not all mobile phones are compatible with the manufacturer's application, so before buying it you must check that your app is compatible with your mobile phone. (iPhone / Android)
There is a service cost: although the use of the GPS satellites necessary to determine the position of the device does not have any cost, the signal that is sent from device to your mobile uses mobile networks which are not free. That means that either there is a subscription with the device's own brand or we must acquire a separate SIM and pay a mobile company for the use of these networks (just like you use your mobile phone).
Take into account its resistance: depending on the place where you want to use it or the use you want to give it, you may want the device to be resistant to water or shock. Larger and more energetic dogs usually require robust and resistant devices.
Look at the battery life: these devices have a rechargeable battery of limited duration. Although in most cases it is usually enough for your dog's daily walks, if you want to use it in other situations you may be interested in a model with a longer battery life.

Tips when using a GPS for dogs

Knowing how to use the GPS correctly for dogs will greatly help the device to work at all times and your dog is always reachable. These are some basic tips that you should not forget when using it.
Correct restraint: it is useless for the device to work wonders if it falls when it starts to run or your dog is able to remove it with its legs. It is essential that everything is well adjusted and that it is comfortable to wear for your dog. That way we will prevent him from trying to get it out of him.
It must always have a battery: GPS are devices that consume energy for its operation. If it runs out, they stop working. Keep this in mind when it comes to long walks. Some devices inform you when the battery is about to run out, which can help you prevent these situations.
It controls the zones without coverage: to determine the position of the localized one it uses the GPS satellite technology. Remember that there are areas where their coverage can be limited (inside a house) or where it simply does not exist (inside tunnels, caves ....)

The 7 best GPS locator for dogs available right now

As you already know, one of the most effective and safe strategies to locate your pet is through a tracking system using a GPS navigator, thanks to an emitter placed on the neck of the pet. In general, these devices allow tracking and locating anything, but in some models, its design is adapted, exclusively, for use in animals. Now, however, there are already some locators of reasonable size and usually controlled through a simple application on a smartphone. Next, we listed the most interesting GPS devices for pets on the market and their most outstanding features.

Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker Free of Monthly Fees

best pet gps tracker without monthly fees
We start the list with the best pet GPS tracker no monthly fee. You can keep track up to 3 pets at once and it also rewards you for keeping your furry friend healthy. Findster Duo is the ideal solution for extra safety and the best in the class of wearable technology for pets. The GPS is also quite small, has a proper design and adapts very well to all the collars. Also, it comes with a waterproof design. It requires no cell coverage and works in the US and in every other country - even if you're completely off-grid. And, as we already said, Findster Duo+ allows you to track more than one pet without monthly fees or any subscriptions!
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Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker and pet Finder

best pet gps tracking system
This is another popular GPS tracking device for dogs that will help you easily find your pet in case you lose sight of it. It is a model that is giving very good results, thanks to the fact that the GPS is very powerful and therefore will allow you to find it fast. It is a locator that adapts very well to the life of your pet, so once put, your dog will not realize that it is worn. Also, this is a waterproof GPS tracking device. So the locator will work without problems even if the dog has got wet. Regarding the size, I can assure you that it is very small. Your pet will not notice that it is worn, even if the dog is small. It is so simple and so small, that it is also being used to locate other animals such as horses or cats, among others. The operation of the system is very simple, so in a short time, you will know how it works. Remember that it has a very complete instruction book. Once installed on your pet, you will only have to program it on your mobile.
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Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

best pet gps tracker no monthly fee
This is the GPS for Dogs par excellence for Hunting Dogs. It is a pack that carries a handheld GPS locator device and collar. It is useful for hunting because it allows sending command messages to the dog through radio waves, LED bulbs or vibration. In addition, it allows sending messages to the dog, whether sound or light, ideal for as we have said, hunting dogs. Obviously, the price is among the highest. Discover more and the best deals here

Autoseeker GPS Pet Tracker

best gps pet tracker for dogs
Autoseeker is a GPS locator for dogs where you can see where your dog is at any moment or other animals in real time through its Smartphone application. This GPS system has an unlimited radius of action and approves water and impacts. If the GPS signal is lost, triangulate the position by leaning on the nearby telephone antennas. The battery has a very long duration of up to 15 days. The internal sensors allow Autoseeker locator to be in energy saving mode if the device does not move. It allows you to make a virtual fence or security perimeter and receive notification if your dog leaves the perimeter. It has a History where you can see the movements that your pet has made throughout the day. The only downside is that it only works on T-Mobile 2G sim card.
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Pet Tracker Petfinder GPS Tracking Device

best small pet gps tracker
Another good dog locator is offered by the weBondInc. Thanks to this simple locator, you can quickly find the position of your dog, wherever it is unless it is too hidden and therefore the GPS cannot find it. But you can be sure that when it comes out of hiding, the dog will quickly send a signal and you can find it without problems. You can easily find the information through the application of the system. This application once installed will indicate where your dog is at all times. Just do not forget to put the locator when you leave home to be able to find it in case of loss. If you lose your dog, you will only have to open the app and at that moment you can easily see through the help of the GPS the location of the pet, the movement, the speed at which it moves and the last movements it has made. That way you'll know where he has gone. This information will be shown through Google Maps, so that it is not difficult for you to find the dog. It also has the option to show you the fastest route.
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Yepzon One GPS Tracker for Pets

what is the best gps pet tracker
This is another best localizer for dogs, although it is not a GPS collar, but has the same features. Its quite economic price, and its ease of use makes it the BEST LOCATOR. We have tested it, and this locator works with a SIM card, next to an application on your mobile phone. Yepzon has created this small device that can be easily hung on your dog (it is also designed for children, the elderly, and even your car). The application is placing on a map the situation of the device, which remains at rest if it is sometimes without moving. We can also tell us to tell us a specific location.
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Our opinion about GPS for dogs

Dog GPS devices are incredibly useful devices that allow us to increase your security when you are away from home. If you live in the countryside, usually take long walks with your dog or simply worry about their safety, their use is fully recommended. Although to use it we must pay a small monthly fee (either with the manufacturer or with the telephone company) this is not very high and the peace of mind that it offers makes it worth paying for it. Without a doubt a very recommended purchase.