Best iPhone apps for artist | Free application to draw and paint

Do you like to draw and paint? There is no reason why you cannot do it with your iPhone too. In this article, we bring you the 12 best iPhone apps for artists like you.

After the arrival of the first iPhone in the summer of 2007, the developers of apps soon took advantage of all its functionalities in terms of the camera and the touchscreen. This is how different tools were born quickly to explore your creativity. What were first absurd applications that allowed you to edit your photos became apps of the quality of the best editing programs. It has become even more evident with the latest iPhone X, the most powerful to date.
In this article, you will find the 12 apps that every self-respecting digital artist should have installed on their smartphone. On the other hand, consult our article about the best optical pencils if you want to paint or draw on an iPad.

The best free iOS applications to draw and paint on iPhone and iPad

The drawing and the painting conform a form of expression, they promote the creativity. In fact, it is very useful in Psychology, which uses tests to measure the stroke, the distribution or the color used to interpret characteristics of the author's personality. It is a tool to improve concentration, which helps reduce stress, providing well-being. Now, without further ado, let’s see the best drawing and painting applications for your iPhone and iPad.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

In a list of tools for the digital artist, you could not miss of course an Adobe product. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a must have app for iPhone and iPad, also optimized for use with the Apple Pencil. It could be said that it is all Photoshop brush tools in the form of an iOS app. You can choose between 24 different brushes and choose the size, color, opacity, and fusion. It is also possible to import brushes from your Photoshop program for the computer. On the other hand, you can send all the creations that you have made in your app to the Photoshop and Illustrator application of your Mac. You can even work with the classic Adobe layers and draw and paint on canvases of up to 8000 pixels. Also, you can capture your designs in videos and share in your social networks.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

If you are one of those who spend the day designing vectors, the most usual thing is that you are used to using Adobe's Illustrator program. Now you can also do it on the way to work and using only your iPhone. The app includes several templates with shapes that will help you improve your work, as well as different brushes that you can customize with the size, opacity, and color you want. You can also work in different layers and canvases of up to 8K. You can also take advantage of the zoom option to not miss a single detail. In the same way, as in Adobe Photoshop Sketch, you can connect to your Creative Cloud account from the Adobe Illustrator Draw app, something that will allow you to send your designs to the Photoshop and Illustrator programs installed on your computer.

Adobe Capture CC

The Adobe Capture CC app is an essential tool for any digital artist who wants to find inspiration in the real world, since it allows you to extract design materials from photographs. Maybe you recognize some of its features of already discontinued apps from Adobe, such as Brush, Shape or Color. The software company has managed to consolidate all the virtues of these three into one, which also has a very intuitive interface. With Adobe Capture CC, you can use photos to create vectors and patterns, extract specific colors, and even capture sources you've found on the street, in a magazine, or while browsing the Internet. You will see that it is not complicated to use.

Tayasui Sketches

Those who wish to use a more sophisticated app should try Tayasui Sketches. You can also pay to enjoy a more advanced version. If you opt for the free application, you will have a very easy to use program that will allow you to paint and draw on your smartphone thanks to the set of tools and features that it includes. No digital artist will want to lose them. The developers of Tayasui Sketches say that their app offers a totally realistic experience, since its tools will make you feel really that you are using a ballpoint pen, crayons, acrylic brushes. It is also compatible with the optical pencils of Apple, Wacom and Adonit.

Paper by FiftyThree

If you like to design using a stylus, surely you know the FiftyThree brand, creators of the luxurious stylus FiftyThree Pencil with wooden case. However, with its free iPhone app for artist, you will be able to enjoy a platform that will allow you to capture your ideas in the form of a sketch, as well as taking notes and making sketches. It will be easy for you to take advantage of its self-correcting function, which cleans your sketches of imperfections, making the lines more defined. In addition, it will not cost you to focus on the work you are doing thanks to its simple interface. You can do practically everything with this app: draw, outline, write, color, diagram, cut, fill and mix. But if all this does not seem enough, you can opt for its advanced version.

Quark Design Pad

This app will allow you to design posters with your iPad without installing InDesign or QuarkXPress. Easy, simple, and free! With this application, you can create not only posters of events and posters, but also postcards, announcements, invitations, brochures or business cards, among other things. And of course, later you can share it on the most popular social channels. A very complete tool for iPad. In just a few minutes you will have your poster done with professional quality. You can control any image or text option, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. If you purchase the paid version, you can save in PDF or PNG and send them to Dropbox.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

If you like the possibilities in terms of composition offered by Photoshop, you will be interested in taking into account also the Adobe Photoshop Mix, enjoy it wherever you go. Take your smartphone, open the app and start editing your photographs, either to change its shape, select an element, create a collage or cut them out. The application will require you to log in with your free Adobe ID account, but the truth is that being connected to Creative Cloud only brings advantages. You can open documents from Photoshop or the Adobe Lightroom app for mobile. In short, Adobe Photoshop Mix is a very fun application, with which you can cut pieces of an image and copy them over another, combine different photographs, apply all kinds of presets and use the automatic adjustment function.

Morpholio Trace - Sketch CAD

With Morpholio Trace we get serious, because it is possibly the best app to draw on iPad professionally, although it is not free. It is an app to make sketches, sketches, designs and much more. We explain its main characteristics:
• Work with different layers.
• It allows drawing on PDFs, photos, maps and templates.
• High resolution of the images.
• Spectacular design tools.
• Plans to scale and use of perspectives.
It is one of the best apps for architectures of the moment, although anyone interested in design or illustration will get a lot out of it. Are you one of them?

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk SketchBook is an application that allows you to draw and paint with your iPhone in a professional way. The application is very easy to use. The non-existence of menus that complicate its operation means that you can focus one hundred percent on your work. Thus, the tools are hidden while you are designing, but they will still be very accessible. On the other hand, you can take advantage of your phone's camera to scan a sketch that you have made on paper and that will become a transparent background image that you can access from your smartphone. Then, you can color and modify this image as much as you want to achieve the ideal result You can also take advantage of more than 190 customizable brushes in the app and add the texture and shapes you want.

Autodesk A360

You could not miss the A360 application. It is not an app like the others, especially for the fact that it is not a tool for a single artist but to collaborate. The application allows you to view, edit and share 2D and 3D documents in one of more than 100 compatible CAD file formats. Then you will receive feedback from other users, who can comment on your design. You can also save the files in a cloud storage service, which will allow you to access them when you do not have access to the Internet. On the other hand, with this application, it will be very easy to isolate and visualize a specific object of the property you are working on, see the modules and layers in detail, and even measure distances, angles and areas.

Blackboard, draw and sketch

As indicated by its name, this is one of the best applications to draw on Android Tablet for free, it works as a digital whiteboard. Both children and adults will enjoy themselves, letting themselves be carried away by their inspiration. It allows several styles of drawing, such as freestyle, to choose predetermined geometric shapes or even make fun memes. Its design is very elegant, and can even be used in class to teach students any subject. Free sketches, different brush sizes and much more await you in this app!


As with books, nobody will replace the romanticism of paper and pencil. But it is an alternative that more and more illustrators and professionals in the sector are using to, above all, make sketches of their final works. Although if you are a beginner or just want to have a good time painting with your children, these applications will satisfy you. And you, do you like to draw? Have you tried to do it with your fingers? Do you know any other drawing application? Share it with us in comments!


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