How to send free picture and text messages on iPhone

The best iOS applications to send free text and picture messages from your iPhone and iPad devices.

Although there are many social media apps to send free SMS and picture, still now SMS is one of the most widely used communication tools by smartphone and phone owners. Their cost, however, is quite significant, unless you join some subscription or offer of the various operators.
best apps to send free picture and text messages on iPhone
But there is also another way to save on text messages. With a smartphone and the right app, we can communicate with friends and send them images and other attachments in a completely free way. In this article, we will see the best iPhone apps to send free pictures and text messages to phone numbers.

The best apps to send text messages, picture messages and voice call for free

There are a variety of free messaging applications that are more or less popular depending on the country where you live and which are the best app to chat. Surely you'll hear names like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram or KakaoTalk. Today we are going to talk about alternative apps, a series of apps to send free SMS to your contacts. Fast, simple and effective. Pay attention.


The app TextNow makes messaging easier. With the app, you can send unlimited texts and picture messaging. Unfortunately, the app is only available for the US and Canadian users. However, the app also offers emojis, stickers, and GIFs to make the conversation more enjoyable.
Get the transcripts of your voicemail in order to know more about them. You can keep your message under security and keep away from others. It also supports Google SmartLock, thus you do not need to remember the password while unlocking the private chats. You can also add your own signatures to each text. Assign quick reply and respond easily in a quick manner to friends.

Text Free

Text Free messaging provides all the necessary tools to call and message your friends for free. Offering profitable top-notch features and performance, this application is sure to impress and make an excellent alternative to your standard courier.
Choose the area code and select the preferred digits for your mobile number to use it for free messaging and calling. Send unlimited SMS and MMS without any trouble. Select the stickers for sharing your emotions in a perfect manner.

Text Me - Phone Calls + Text

This is another popular and free picture and text messages app for iPhone users. You can send messages and make calls instantly with the UK number provided by the app. It allows you to send messages easily to any person in the world, including US, UK, and Canada, without any trouble. You can also share your Dropbox photos and videos via text directly through the app easily.
To get free calling minutes, you have to watch video advertisements and use it for calling any phone number easily. The signup process is very simple and you can easily access the features of the app in an instance. This is one of the best apps for sending free messages to other people.


Apple’s built-in texting app iMessage (iOS 5 and above) allows you to send free SMS across all iOS devices so long as they have internet access. You can send text messages and picture to any other iOS device as free of charge.


MySMS is not a nice app but it works perfectly. The messages are free and can contain photos, videos, and other attachments. If the recipient does not have MySMS on the phone, he will receive an ordinary text message. Attachments are available via links. It is also possible to send free text messages to and from computers.


This application is perfect, not only to send free SMS, but it is at the same time an application to call for free. It is free for virtually all platforms and operating systems: Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Mac, and Windows. In addition to free calls and free messages, it also provides group conversations, stickers, and emoticons of all kinds, and chats so you can meet new people. It also provides really cheap VOIP international calls, file sharing and absolute personalization of the application.

hike messenger

This is not just a simple social messaging app as it comes loaded with features that allow you to do more. You can communicate with anyone securely and safely because hike messenger ensures data protection with 128-bit encryption.
With the app, you can easily send unlimited free SMS to your contacts and get an additional bonus on completion of several tasks. The app also provides 20,000+ stickers to make the conversation more fun and express your feelings better. Use the hidden mode on Hike to secure your private chats, making the chats only be accessible with a password.

Free message trick with Google Photos

To finish, we would like to teach you a trick that we have recently learned and that can be very useful if you fail the previous alternatives.
Do you know Google Photos? This is the Google photo manager. Although it may seem surprising, this platform also allows you to send text messages and images completely free to other phones. You do not believe it? We explain how you can try it yourself. Before starting, you should know that what is actually sent are images, so if you want to send something written, you will need to pass the text to the image.

Luckily, we have the best applications to put texts in photos.

Once this is solved, we can go to the secret method that you can use even if you do not have a SIM card. Fantastic! You just have to look for that photo that you just prepared and give you the option to share. Ignore the contacts that come out and tap on the three points on the right, the option of More. Then, you will see a larger list of contacts and, in the end, you will see that it says "Telephone contacts". Now select the person you want and send it. The person will receive a default message with a link and will only have to open it to see it. It's very easy, right? And it will not cost you or the person who receives it a penny.


These applications to send free SMS will make you save a few dollars at the end of the month. Enjoy communication with your loved ones at zero cost!