How to activate parental control on iPhone and iPad

Activating the parental control on iPhone and iPad will prevent minors from being exposed to inappropriate content when using iPhone or iPad.

Smartphones and tablets are part of our daily life. Therefore, even children come into contact with these technologies. In particular, they use smartphones and tablets to play or watch cartoons. There’s nothing to worry about if the time spent with these devices and the type of content is monitored by adults. For this reason, we decided to make this iOS guide on how to use parental control on your iPhone and iPad.
How to activate parental control on iPhone and iPad
With parental control setting, you can limit the access to specific content in order to protect the safety of your children. In this way, you can also prevent them from coming into contact with realities that are not suitable for them.

How do you set up parental controls on an iPhone and iPad?

If you have children, you probably want your iPhone or iPad to be much safer when they go to use it. And this is logical since children love using these devices and it's a great way to entertain them. iOS has many applications that children can enjoy as games, books or educational applications. However, it is important to activate the parental control on the iPad or iPhone. Thus, that they cannot access inappropriate content. There are some ways to activate the parental control on iOS devices to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content from Apple devices. Let’s discover them below.

How to activate restrictions

You must bear in mind that when you enter the password, by default you will not need to enter it again until within 5 minutes. At this time, your children may accidentally spend your money downloading content or applications. But this configuration can be changed and prevented from happening. For this, you must go to the Configuration, General, Restrictions menu and then configure the option "Request password" in Immediately. Then when your child tries to buy something, either an application or a purchase within it, the password is required to be able to advance. But you must also prevent your children from having access to the Restrictions menu. Of course, if they are a little older and more experts in technology. You only have to enter the same menu and change the configuration, so that to enter requires a PIN code.

Restrict access to applications

To ensure that your child does not download any application without your consent, you must go back to the Restrictions menu. But now, you must change to deactivate the option "Install applications", ie change the control from green to white. Within this menu, you can also disable applications such as FaceTime, the camera, Safari, iBookstore, iTunes, Siri, Delete applications and explicit language. In this way, you can have more control over the access. But you can also completely disable purchases from this menu if you want. You will find the settings at the bottom of the restriction options. Within the restrictions menu, you can also prevent children from downloading content from iTunes that is inappropriate. You should only touch the different types of content such as music or movies and choose the classification according to their age. This is very important if you want to activate the parental control on the iPad or iPhone. So you must take it into account.

Activate device passwords

On the other hand, not only in the App Store your children can spend your money. Imagine that by playing enter a shopping application like Amazon and buy something expensive. To avoid this, you must set up a device access code. To configure an access code, you must go to the Settings menu, General, Password lock and select "Activate access code". Now you must choose your access code. If you deactivate "Simple access code", you can type a word instead of the default 4-digit number.

Create a new Apple ID

Apple also recommends that if you have children over the age of 13, you must create a separate Apple ID for them to use. This leaves aside the hassle of having to activate the parental control on the iPad or iPhone each time your children want to use them. They should only change your Apple ID for your children's ID and vice versa. This option has a great benefit. And you can make sure that your child's Apple ID will not have a registered credit card. Which means that you will not spend your money. To switch between Apple IDs, you must go to the Settings menu, iTunes and App Store, then select Apple ID to log out.


That's all for now, friends. The advice mentioned so far makes your iPhone and iPad safer. But it is good to remember that the most effective action is to keep children under control while they are connected to the internet. Always.