Best free iPhone app to write on photos | Apps to add text on photo

Here’s our selection of the best free iPhone app to write on photos. Tell your stories through the words in your photographs!

Now it is not enough to take a photo and upload it to the networks. Moreover, it is not even enough to use an app to retouch photos and then upload them. No. Now what takes most is the writing on photos with various applications. In them, we can create images of inspiration or motivation, like those of landscapes with phrases, or we can create funny memes, or simply scribble something in an image to remember that special moment, a date or a phrase.
Best free iPhone app to write on photos Apps to add text on photo
That is why today we are going to bring you a series of apps to add text on photos that you cannot miss: only the best, and exclusively for you.

What is the best iPhone app where you can write on pictures? How do you add text on a picture on your iPhone?

I want to show you how you can put text in photos. Today our lifestyle includes being active in our social environment, especially in the digital networks that allow us to share a lot of content with our family and friends. The fact of being able to upload photos and videos to our social networks has allowed the development of applications for the edition of our photos and video. These applications range from the most basic to the most professional. The applications that we usually look for with greater interest, are those in which we can mount a text on the image, to give our personal brand or simply make the most striking photo and here we will show you the best.


Phonto is one of the simplest applications to add text to your photographs. It is very simple to use since the application is completed with more than 400 sources and you can customize the text by changing the size, color, type, stroke, shadows, the color of the background, etc. Yes, practically everything you could do in Microsoft Office Word. So you can also change the perspective, the inclination, or the subject. And if in the middle of the process you get tired of the background, you can change the photo you're working on. The application allows you to share your artwork on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Phonto offers more than 200 different types of fonts, so you can let your imagination fly.


It is a really simple tool to add text on pictures. You do not have to be an expert to be able to manage its interface. This photo editor will captivate us with its variety in text style because in his library of sources we will find some really amazing styles. This application to write on photos has many different fonts. It will also allow us to directly share the photographs that we have edited to our social networks, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. We will achieve with this tool some really original photos.

ImageQuote - add text captions to photos pictures

With very original typographies, InstaQuote offers the possibility of writing images in an alternative way. This program is specially designed for the photos that we upload to Instagram. With this application, you can say what you think through your words or the inspirational phrases that you like the most. The app has 20 different design styles, each one more attractive, and you can choose backgrounds packages in high quality, so you do not have to worry if you do not have sufficiently original photos - although of course, you can use yours in the background. This app is synchronized with Instagram and allows you to export your creation to your Instagram gallery or to your mobile photo album. The photo writing program has up to 50 different fonts, so we can choose the one that best suits what we want to transmit, and let us modify the alignment, size, position, space, and color of the letter. Write on your Instagram photos!


Texts in pictures give you the possibility to add titles, stickers, emojis (emoticons) or any type of letter in the photos. The process takes just a few seconds and you can share the results on Facebook, email, Twitter or Instagram. The app offers more than 120 different sources to write in the photographs, and you can slide them over the same image so you can see the possible live result. In addition, it has more than 60 emoticons so you can add them to the photos next to the ones written. At the same time, you have up to 30 special effects to make the photo completely personalized. The app allows you to change sizes, colors, position and everything you want. It is very easy to use and its results are spectacular. Never before writing about images had been so simple.

Photo Captions Free

This application to put text in photos is a free app for the iOS operating system. It includes many options that will give an artistic touch to our captures. We can get a variety of editing options when sharing a photo on our social networks. This tool includes not only the assembly of texts, but also we can make use of stickers, frames, etc. It will give us the possibility of transforming a photograph into a card of congratulations or memories.


It is an easy, fast and very complete tool when entering a text in our photos. It will allow us to choose from a wide variety of font styles, from elegant tracings to a more youthful and modern style. In addition to this, we can have access to modify certain conditions of the font style, such as, for example, color, size, among other editing options.


At first glance, everything is good words for Photofy. Good interface, intuitive application easy to use even for those who are more clumsy with technology. In addition, you can make changes to your photographs by adding personalized texts as well as any of the pre-established quotes that you will find inside the app itself. Together with them, you can also insert stickers of different motifs, modify the light, frame or cut out fragments that are not of your liking. Once the edition is over, nothing better than sharing it on social networks.


It is a selfies application that has more than 200 million users around the world. It stands out for the party that takes from your snapshots, offering an incredible variety of filters with which to modify your face to beautify it in a natural and perfect way by means of signaling grids at the time of taking the photograph or facial correction filters. In addition, it also includes options for textual editing of images through the possibility of using stickers, borders, brushes to write on photographs or the use of fonts to write quotes on them.


Photographs will always be an excellent way to remember those good times we have lived with family friends and if we can customize them with any of these applications, they can be even more perfect to remember. We will add a style to those captures that we want to remain in time and that we can also share on social networks that we like because that way you can see all your friends, publications with style and originals.