Best free compass apps for iPhone and iPad to not lose the north

Use your iPhone or iPad as a digital compass with these top free iOS compass applications that you can download from the iTunes Store.

Does your sense of orientation betray you often and you do not like the idea of having no reference point at all? In this case, the combination of free flashlight and compass apps to be installed on your iPhone or iPad could make you really comfortable and make life easier on more than one occasion.
Best free compass apps for iPhone and iPad

These apps are also enriched by many additional features that, for many users, could be considered a real must-have that is impossible to give up. Today we will review the best free iOS compass apps available for download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

The top 7 free iPhone compass apps

The GPS applications are now the preferred solution for smartphone users to find the way. Unfortunately, in the countryside, in bad weather, and without any internet connection, these applications will not be of any use to you. It is usually at this time that we regret not having a compass. This is all the more annoying as most smartphones incorporate a whole series of sensors (gyroscopes) to easily orient themselves. To enjoy it, you just have to download a compass app. There are dozens on the iTunes Store and good news, the vast majority is completely free.

Gyro Compass

compass gps apps for iphone ipad ios
This is probably the best free compass app for iOS users. Next to the magnetic needle, Gyro Compass equips your possibilities with a well-intuitive map system. The application, free of advertising and entirely free, has been very useful for its minimalist interface and the peculiar way in which it superimposes the compass on the map, to give you all the information as a whole. There are no extensive menus or elements that overwhelm the view. Simple and direct information on any iOS device. Excellent.


compass application in iphone
A compass in high definition ready to not disappoint and guide you accurately at all times. This handy iOS app will let you know your location and orientation instantly. The accuracy of the app is really amazing, although it depends on the device sensors. It works best if the device is away of any strong electromagnetic source. Its classic style reminds you of the first devices of this type, with the arrangement of the angles around the circle and the possibility of changing the background image. Simply beautiful.

Commander Compass Go

This free compass for iPhone and iPad is an ideal tool-kit for moving around with a huge amount of parameters. The interface is not the most user-friendly, but this app has a depth and a wealth of enviable features. GPS, maps, Tachometer, altimeter, sun, moon and star position detector are just some of the features implemented on this very complete software that will satisfy any need. It also provides you geolocation service so you can easily know the information of your current location. It is also possible to easily send your position with a lot of coordinates and many other data displayed on the screen.

Compass Heading

Another very popular, accurate and, of course, free compass app for iPhone and iPad users. This compass app fully follows the Apple philosophy, based on the simplicity of use and intuitiveness. This app is also suitable for the less experienced, providing clear and simple directions to follow. The screen that presents itself to the user, usually black, turns red to indicate that it is proceeding towards the magnetic north pole. The compass rose is also available for those who need this function. A minimal and linear design makes this software usable and suitable for everyone.

Smart Compass

Smart Compass is a simple, easy to use and useful compass app for iOS users that lets you take the right direction when you're out of the house. It shows four cardinal directions using magnetic field techniques on your smartphone. This app easily finds your current location and lets you know all the geographical directions on your smartphone. It also has a camera view option that allows you to get the reality near you.

Compass 55

Compass 55 is an all-in-one assistant that provides map, compass, GPS coordinates in 6 formats, altitude, distance, sunset/sunrise, speedometer. It has an advanced function to set the target and edit your target when you need it. You can also share your current location with your friends, family, and others using this app. If you want to hide your current location while sharing, you can easily use the location spoofer app on your smartphone and hide your current location. It has a built-in speedometer that shows your speed and pace.

GPS Altimeter

GPS Altimeter is a popular outdoor altimeter and compass applications for iOS users. It comes with four different maps designed for hikers with the place search option. One of the best features is its step counter option that allows you to count the steps while traveling. It provides your current position while you are on Mount Everest or in the Valley of Death. It is a very useful application for travelers to know how high you are on Mt. Including compass, it also shows the result in meters and feet.

Compass by Alexander Galstyan

It's a better compass app for iOS users that allows you to direct the device in real time. This application is easy to use with a good user interface with simple and comprehensive features. It shows the degree and all directions on your smartphone so you can easily get the direction while you are out of the house. With these, he also enabled Google map. It has a large number and a large rotating bezel to obtain a clear result. If you leave your home, you must know self-defense to protect you from strangers.

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro allows you, from anywhere in the world, to carry out your prayers in the correct position pointing towards Mecca. The Quibla compass is also accompanied by multiple audio files that recite the Holy Quran, as well as an extensive calendar that includes the most significant dates of the Muslim religion. Available in several languages, Muslim Pro is also able to remind you of the most convenient times to perform your prayers.

Accurate Compass Navigation

Accurate Compass is a simple, easy-to-use and popular compass for Android and iOS users with different designs. It has a 3D camera view that allows you to easily get the directions. It works on the magnetic field concept so that you can easily get East, West, North, and South on your smartphone while you are out of the house. With these, it also displays the location with coordinates and address. It shows the correct and accurate result on your smartphone device in a side window and its 3D view.
That's all for now, friends. These are some of the best free iOS compass applications. Hope, you find this article helpful. Please do share this top compass apps list with your social friends. Thank you.