Top 7 best free flashlight apps for iPhone

Do not stay in the gloom. These are the best free flashlight apps for iPhone.

Having a flashlight in your pocket is not in common. On the other hand, it is much more common to have your smartphone at your fingertips. And using it as a flashlight has become something common. It has happened to us all, at least once, to use his phone to search for an object lost in the night or to illuminate the hole of a lock.
Top 10 best free flashlight apps for iPhone
Most phones can work as a flashlight, activating the flash function. However, in app stores, you will find many applications with this feature. And with other features added. A bit like iOS compasses, PDF readers for mobile or better music players, you can quickly get lost in the iTunes Store. Below, we present the best flashlight apps for iPhone. All of them are free to download.

The 7 best applications to turn your iPhone into a real flashlight

They are not any fad. Flashlight apps can get us out of big trouble in difficult situations. For example, when we are at home and suddenly the light goes out at eleven o'clock at night. Or when we arrive too late at home and do not want to turn on all the lights. Also being camping or in case of emergency, lost in the forest after a long afternoon picking mushrooms.

iTorch Flashlight

The first flashlight app that we are going to review is the iTorch Flashlight for iOS. This is a convenient, fast and insidious flashlight app. Many people have found this app very useful and handy. It offers plenty of special features that other flashlight apps don’t have. When you open the app, the torch will immediately On. This is perfect for emergency situations and if you are in a rush. Moreover, there are three special features on this app: brightness control, SOS signaling and multi-speed stroke control. The brightness control button helps you adjust the brightness of the light, particularly helpful as many of us have different brightness preferences. Multi-speed stroke control button lets you adjust the frequency and the SOS signaling is useful in case you need help.


Surely you will know the strobe effect of the lights. If you do not know we refer you to Wikipedia that surely will give you a complete answer. This free flashlight application for iPhone is really simple to use. Once started, it will give you the ability to turn on the light, moving the cursor forward and turn it off by moving it back. You can also activate the light intermittently, just turn, at the top of the screen or right or left, to decide how quickly the light will turn on and off. Precisely this is the differentiating point compared to other applications. It is a very simple app and at the same time, focuses on customizing the flashing light. If you are a strobe lover, this is the app for you.

Flashlight for iPhone and iPad

This flashlight app for iPhone and iPad is the real Swiss army knife of this list as it loaded with mostly utilitarian accessories. The compass feature makes it a wonderful hiking companion if your main flashlight or headlamp fails on the trail. However, the altitude tracker is sure to really entice the niche alpinist. Also, its adjustable strobe mode makes the app ideal for flagging down help in an emergency, or if your bike light goes out mid-trip. It also has a Disco Mode that utilizes an animated disco ball for your next low-budget house party. Similarly, the candle and animated lighter features are perfect for those looking to be “that guy” at the concert. It also has a built-in Live Map option that even allows you to see other people using the app worldwide.

FlashLight LED HD

Another good alternative to having a flashlight for free on your iPhone is to install the LED Flashlight HD application. The app allows you to turn the flash of the phone camera in a real torch with the touch of a virtual key. You can also use the mobile phone screen as a light source and add a widget on the home screen for quick access to the application.


It is probably the most complete software available for download on the App Store, and just like the previous one has a decidedly immediate interface. However, it has many more features. In addition to the classic flashlight function, its LED brightness control lets you curb battery usage, communicate through the Morse alphabet, send an SOS signal and get the current coordinates. It also has a compass function with a built-in Mini Map.

Best Flash Light!

The Best Flash Light app is loaded with convenient features. Beyond basic functions, such as the instant-on and an adjustable strobe light feature, the app incorporates a “clap-on, clap-off” feature that allows for instantaneous, hands-free illumination. It also comes with a light timer and an energy-saver mode, along with a Light + Video Zoom feature that lets you view small fonts or check a map in low-light scenarios.

iHandy Torch

It's the perfect free app for those looking for a unique and interesting software. In addition to using the iPhone flash as a flashlight, the iHandy Flashlight software can simulate lots of virtual light games. The application allows you to light lighters, candles, colored light bulbs and fluorescent sticks.
That's all for now, friends. These are some of the best free flashlight applications for iPhone. Hope, you find this article helpful. Please do share this top flashlight apps list with your social friends. Thank you.


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