Best boxing gloves in UK - reviews and how to choose

The best boxing gloves for training are the best friends of a novice boxer and more. When you start to give two punches in the bag or during the sparring, you will realize that you need special gloves to train and get real results: a large pair of quality boxing gloves guarantee an effective and immediate result and an improvement in performance.
Best boxing gloves in UK reviews and how to choose
Every Boxer, whether he is a professional, an enthusiast or a novice, know the importance of a pair of boxing gloves for training.

The 8 boxing training gloves in the UK

In this list, we will find more or less famous brands: from Leone to other less known, we will take a look at all quality gloves that can affect the boxers: from multicolored to extra resistant, you can find the glove that will take you like a glove. Below we present the best boxing gloves for training:

Brace Master Boxing Gloves for Men and Women

best boxing gloves for women and men
When making boxing for a long time the skin of the hands hardens allowing hit without feeling pain, but if you are starting, the pain of punching can discourage you and make you throw everything overboard.
To avoid this, I recommend gloves with special protective padding like these Master Brace, which in addition to the layers of foam rubber that all gloves usually have, these have a shock absorbing gel that leaves you without pain and without excuses.
Users believe that these gloves are made to combat the bad smell and the accumulation of bacteria because thanks to the ventilation mesh on the palms they keep the hand cool and dry quickly when finished using.


• Includes perspiration system with mesh under the palm to prevent odors.
• The filling combines foam and gel to ensure protection when hitting
• They serve for all contact sports: Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA.


• It only comes in 3 colors and the design is unattractive.
• They do not bring a transport bag.
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Boxing Gloves Everlast Pro Style

best boxing gloves for beginners
One of the most common conflicts among boxing practitioners is having to deal with annoying odors that are concentrated inside the glove. These boxing gloves are not only made of a synthetic leather of premium quality and palm mesh but also have effective Everfresh system, which allows high breathability and prevents concentration of sweat and bacteria.
Buyers point out that these gloves have an ergonomic internal design so that they can be worn over the cuffs once properly wrapped with a bandage.


• Offers a more comfortable grip thanks to the interior grip.
• Reduces the concentration of sweat through ventilation panels.
• Variety of colors to choose from.


• Not suitable for advanced training.
• Recommended only for practices with a bag.
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Boxing Gloves Leone 1947

best boxing gloves for heavy bag
If you are looking for cheap boxing gloves to start in the discipline, this is your best option. The Leone brand is recognized for its durability and this model is the one that has a more professional finish among all boxing initiation gloves. As it is made with synthetic leather, it easily molds to the hand and does not generate resistance to close the fist. The highlight of this product for its users is that the foam rubber padding is compact and is very well distributed, so it offers good protection to the knuckles.


• Best quality/price ratio between models for beginners.
• Comfort when closing the fist.
• Easy to adjust thanks to the wide velcro band.


• They do not have mesh fabric for ventilation.
• The stitching is not reinforced double.
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Venum Unisex Elite Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves under 50
If you have no doubt that contact sports are your thing and you want to invest in gloves that serve you for more advanced stages of training, these Venum gloves are the best. They offer you features developed to last longer and protect you better, such as your skintex synthetic leather with better leather construction, triple density foam rubber padding for efficient protection of your cuffs and double reinforced seams to secure all materials. Buyers of this product agree that the protection on the wrists and knuckles is far superior to all models of boxing gloves for initiation.


• Thermoregulation system with mesh located under the cuff.
• Adjustment reinforcement around the thumb to avoid injuries.
• A wide variety of colors available.


• Does not include transport bag.
• The smell of this synthetic leather is somewhat annoying the first days of use.
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RDX Ego Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Training

best boxing gloves uk amazon
These boxing gloves are not only aesthetically attractive but also extremely resistant: thanks to the Shell-shock Gel with extra protection for the knuckles, these gloves promise to protect you even after the most violent shocks. A Quick-EZ Velcro closure for a comfortable and quick fit and immediate use while the material, in cowhide, allows the RDX to accustom the shape of the gloves to their own hands from the first use. The excellent quality closure with two loops allows you to fix the lower edges of the glove in a solid and resistant grip. The glove is sold in different colors to satisfy all tastes.


• Handmade and very high quality.
• Durable Maya Hide™.
• Excellent hand protection and wrist support.
• Flexible for catching and blocking shots.


• A bit bulky.
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Benlee Rocky Marciano Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves and brands
To offer the best in training you have to have the best equipment; Therefore, if you are one of those who demand a little more, I recommend these boxing gloves made of real cowhide, much more durable than synthetic leather, with a more precise fit and gains great softness by adapting to the use. This coupled with its powerful hand-made padding explains why they are among the favorites in boxing gloves at an affordable price.
The buyers of these gloves emphasize that they have the advantage of being a little heavier than the cheapest gloves, which is recommended to be able to develop speed in the blows and physical resistance.


• The softness and fit of authentic cowhide are unparalleled.
• Protects the wrists thanks to the velcro closure of 3 inches wide.
• Reinforced seams and a good finish for durability.


• The transport bag serves for a few uses.
• The inner lining does not withstand intensive training days.
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Brace Master MMA Fingerless Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves on a budget
To venture into Mixed Martial Arts and other contact sports that include keys and grips like the Krav Maga I recommend these MMA Brace Master gloves without fingers. They allow great mobility while protecting your skin, knuckles and other joints of the fist with its compact foam filling; They also guarantee freshness in the hands by leaving the palm of the hand uncovered and finding transpiration holes under each division for the fingers. Buyers highlight the versatility of uses for this product. You can use them as Kickboxing gloves, as aerobics gloves and to train with the speed bag.


• The interior is reinforced with a lining that guarantees comfort and absorbs moisture.
• The design is attractive and is available in a wide variety of colors.
• Suitable for practices with a bag.


• Its use is recommended with protective bandages, for which it is necessary to buy a larger size than the one that corresponds to you.
• When it is new it is quite rigid and you have to tighten your fist more strongly.
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Green Hill boxing gloves

the top boxing gloves
These imitation leather gloves are extremely durable. With foam protection, these Green Hills can last for years without ever showing protection inside sunlight. The seams are solid and the quality/price ratio is one of the best in the market, inviting many to buy them to save on future purchases of new gloves. This brand, even if less famous, is chosen exactly for the durability of their products.
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How to choose the finest boxing gloves?

If you have decided to approach boxing, you will inevitably need boxing gloves, essential for practicing this sport, as well as mandatory. You have to pay a little attention because so many sports require the use of gloves but not all models are good for boxing.

The weight of the gloves

The main thing that distinguishes the gloves is their weight that, by convention, always found expressed in ounces with the symbol OZ. The weight varies from 6 (are children's gloves) to 16 ounces. Given that the choice of weight is a matter more than anything else personal, we can say that the 10 OZ gloves offer a good compromise between weight and size. It is also a measure approved for most of the races.

The materials

When you are ready to buy the boxing gloves you have to decide the type of material. The choice is also influenced by the sum of money available and presents three possible options: synthetic material (the gloves of this type are the cheapest), leatherette and leather. The latter, for obvious reasons, are the most expensive but also the most enduring. But it is also a matter of comfort: leather models, because they are more expensive, have something more even when it comes to comfort. It is of course a good thing to try the gloves before deciding on the purchase or not but you must always bear in mind that they need a settling period during which they adapt to the shape of the hand and therefore become more comfortable.

The type of closure

There are two locking systems between which you can choose, that is, those with laces practically used by all professionals and those with Velcro, certainly more comfortable to put on and take off. The suggestion we can give is to use the glove with velcro closure when you train while in the race prefer those with laces that provide better grip but also require the help of a second person to be worn and removed.

Avoid the smell

The gloves have a tendency to stink so it is good to take some precautions. First of all, before putting them on, you have to wash your hands well. Then it is better to use under gloves or bandages wrapped around the hands to prevent sweat from being absorbed by the padding. After each use the gloves must be dried well, they must take air and should not be thrown immediately into the bag.

Boxing gloves: where to buy them online

As you could see, the prices of boxing gloves are definitely variable. From a minimum of 50 euros to touch tips of 400 euros. The difference lies in the materials and durability but this you have to touch with your hand.
In the various specialized shops, you can try the different models and get an idea of what you want. But if your goal is to bring home a product of excellent quality at an even lower cost, then Amazon is the right place because thanks to its offers and the huge breadth of products present in it, can guarantee the best solution and excellent value for money.