Best nail dryers for home use reviews – regular and gel polish

If you have come to this page, you must be looking for the best nail dryers for regular and gel polish, right? Well, you're in luck, because we have the best guide to buy nail dryers for home use. It is 100% designed to make your purchase right!

Let’s find out the best LED lamp for nails? A good nail dryer is essential if you like to always have perfect nails.
If you like a manicure or a pedicure and you want a professional result, you have to have a nail dryer for regular and gel polish. Thanks to this machine to dry nails at home, you will give a professional touch to your nails, comfortably in your house, without having to go to a beauty center.
They are also called nail lamps.
Best nail dryers for home use reviews regular gel polish

In this article, we will see what we have to take into account when buying a good nail dryer, its power, technology, design, etc. But, before that, let’s see what nail dryer you should buy and which is the best for you.

What is the best nail dryer for home use in the market?

Having your fingernails painted at home, as if done in a specialized beauty center, does not have to be expensive. If you also appreciate your time, it is easy to find a wide variety of gel nails, enamels and other more durable alternatives that you can also fix at home with this type of lamps. This small accessory, the electric nail dryer, also called nail lamp is nothing more than a device to dry the nails that will allow you to do the manicure professionally.

Abody 48W UV LED Nail Dryer

best nail dryer for regular and gel polish

This is one of the best nail dryers for home use. Through this dryer, you can enjoy a lamp that will dry your nails quickly and in an ecological way, thanks to the fact that it incorporates a high quality LED lamp. In addition, as the lamp is LED, you will have the assurance that the power consumption will be low, just as you can be sure that the duration of the lamp will be high.
Another of the positive points of this model is that it is very easy to use and that it throws a light that does not harm the skin of the hands at all. Although it has a quick drying effect. For this reason, more and more is betting on LED lamps versus ultraviolet lamps.


  • It has harmless lights for the skin
  • The device has high power
  • It has a long service life


  • Nothing
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NailStar Professional UV LED Nail Dryer

best nail dryer lamp reviews market amazon

This model has a mix of the two best-selling nail dryers, that is, it puts at your disposal ultraviolet light and LED so that the drying of the nails is really fast. So you can be sure that whatever gel you use, you can always use this lamp.
It has a system of motion sensors that cause the lamp to turn on and off automatically. All this will allow you to enjoy an important energy saving. It has a triple timer so you can choose the option that most interests you. Without forgetting that the base is removable.
When you decided to buy a nail dryer, you do it thinking about the one that best suits you. If what you want is a complex dryer that has multiple options and facilities, the NailStar is for you. To use it, you only have to put your hand and time.


  • Combine LED light with UV
  • It works drying permanent nails
  • It has a removable base


  • The drying process is slower than indicated
  • The power is not the highest
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MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp

best uv nail dryer for regular polish
If you are looking for a high-quality model, I present a nail dryer with LED technology. The model in question offers you a UV led lamp of 36w. This technology is complemented by the double light source system. This will allow you to dry all kinds of nail gels quickly. It is a model that will offer you a quick and quality drying, without damaging your nails at any time, which in the end are the most important.
It has a timer that can be configured in different periods. These periods will go from 10 seconds, going through 30 seconds, 60 seconds and a maximum of 99 seconds.
The led bulb is of the highest quality. In addition, it is a long-lasting bulb, so you can enjoy it for 5 years or more without having to change it. If in the future you need to change it, you can easily change it.
This model includes 2 large nail files. It seems to me a detail. These files can be used after drying the nails to enjoy spectacular results.


  • Double light source
  • 4-timer setting
  • wide opening
  • detachable bottom plate
  • Safe for the eyes and the skin
  • Long-lasting LED bead lights
  • Large LCD screen
  • Amazon’s choice


  • Nothing
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NailStar Professional 12W LED Nail Dryer

best nail dryer for gel and regular polish
One of the most beautiful nail dryers on the market, at least in my opinion. But not only I recommend it for its elegance, but because it really gives very good results. You can see how the nails dry quickly, which is appreciated.
It is a product at a domestic price, but it does the job of a professional dryer, hence many people have already bought it. When programming it you can choose between four different modes. So you can get the expected results, remembering that it is perfect for people who use high-quality nail gel.
If you want a nail dryer that suits your personality and offers a professional result and in a short time, this NailStar is for you, because it meets all those aesthetic and mechanical requirements.


  • It offers two presentations of different colors
  • The device has a three-stroke timer
  • It is much faster than an ultraviolet dryer


  • Its power is 12 watts, low compared to other
  • Drying may take a little longer than indicated by the manufacturer.
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best nail polish dryer machine home use reviews
This is currently the best-selling nail dryer at Amazon online store. Although this model does not stand out too much for its design, it stands out for offering the option of choosing between four different types of drying. That is, each person can choose the drying that interests him most. The goal is that the nails are perfect and with this dryer, you will also get it.
Another of the strengths of the model is that it is very easy to use, which is appreciated. And of course, it has an intelligent stopping system that makes the machine turn on and off automatically. If you are looking for a dryer that is very effective, provide one of the best finishes and that you find comfortable, I ask you to consider the SUNUV SUN2C, because it meets all the above requirements.
• It's a UV nail dryer
• The device has a very high power
• It turns on and off automatically


• After long sessions, it can get overheated
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Abody 24W UV LED Nail Lamp

best nail dryer on amazon
The LED lamp is specially designed to apply semi-permanent gel or enamel systems on acrylic nails, accelerating the drying process to leave an impeccable and durable finish.
By having the LED lights distributed throughout the arc the apparatus does its work quickly reaching all fingers evenly; and having a broad base allows you to place both hands at once, thus saving you even more time.
It is so easy to use that after connecting it will only suffice to introduce the hand so that the equipment turns on and in the same way it will turn off automatically after removing it or until the 99 seconds timer ends.
The equipment is available in pink, green and blue and you will invest in it with confidence, as it is guaranteed for one year if you are not satisfied with the quality of it.


  • Size for professional use
  • Very high power
  • Excellent results


  • Large size for private use or trips
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What is a nail dryer?

A nail dryer is nothing more than a product that accelerates the drying of the variety of enamels. It is fast and efficient, especially when you do not have time to wait for them to dry naturally after a manicure or a pedicure.
The most advanced are devices that vary according to the capacity model, so they can quickly dry a normal, permanent, semi-permanent or gel system.

How does a nail dryer work?

Just like hair dryers, but they use hot and cold air so that the device attracts the air and expels it. Others are equipped with lights that serve to heal nails and give them a hard finish that lasts.
The nail dryer uses an intake system that attracts air. Then, blow it on the platform where you put your hands or feet. Other models use UV light that usually connects above the platform, so that the nails are under the lights and dry in seconds.

Types of nail dryers

Dryers for natural nails

If your nails are natural, you can use a portable dryer that supplies a cold air stream. You will not require anything special because the paint adheres to the nail. This type of portable nail dryer can be used anywhere, therefore, use batteries. Although most work with two AA batteries, in the market you can also find devices that connect to the outlet.
A portable nail dryer is less expensive since most of them only offer you a cold air configuration.

Acrylic nail dryers

If your nails are false based acrylic, you must be aware that you will have to remove it entirely immersing the nail into removing enamel acetone. The chemical weakens the acrylic and so you can detach it. When they are applied for the first time, you must dry them under a hot air dryer.
If you apply this type of nail system, you should buy a hot air dryer and these devices usually also include cold air adjustments. This option will be used after the first application. You should keep in mind that only hot air allows the acrylic nail to attach to the natural nail.

Nail dryers for gel nails

The gel system is more beneficial for your natural nail than the acrylic system itself, because they do not cause bacterial or fungal infections. The gel can only adhere to the natural nail under ultraviolet light (UV) and that is why it is usually applied exclusively in beauty salons.
UV dryers are more expensive, offer most options and almost always have configurations for cold and hot air. That's why you can use them on natural and acrylic nails. You will often find them as professional dryers, but you will have to make sure they include the UV option.

What to look for when buying a nail dryer?

Now that we have seen the best options, let's see what features your nail dryer should have. In this way, even if you are not guided by our recommendations, you can make the right purchase. Pay attention!

What technology do they use?

There are different types of nail dryers in the market. One of the simplest ways to understand the operation of this product is that a dryer is like a LED nail lamp, because with the light it emits it manages to dry the previously applied nail polish. There are also nail dryers that emit ultraviolet light, in addition to LED.

Dryer power

One of the best ways to calculate the strength and speed of any product is knowing the power. In the dryers, the power mainly determines the strength with which it performs the entire process. I recommend that before buying any dryer, analyze well if the power of it will fulfill your expectations.

Time for drying

This was, without a doubt, the factor that made me define the purchase the most. My schedule is very tight, because you can imagine that with two children and a job all day, I have little time left. I needed a nail dryer that was extremely fast, but at the same time, did its job correctly.