Best long lasting nail polish that doesn't chip

Nail polish sublimates your hands. Which color to choose and with what finish? Find the ideal and long-lasting nail polish in our comparison of purchase.

There are many brands of long-lasting nail polish on the market but it is difficult to navigate when you start in the world of "Nail Art". In this article, I present to you the most famous brands that especially offer the long-wearing nail polish with a very varied choice of colors that will allow you to express your creativity to the very end of your nails.
best nail polish brands amazon lasts longer
If a classic manicure lasts only a few days with luck, semi-permanent nail polish reaches up to several weeks. Currently available to the general public in the form of a kit, this product can be part of your home beauty rituals. In this buying guide, we will also give advice related to the criteria for choosing the perfect nail polish for your needs.

Our selection of the best nail polish that lasts longer in 2019

Would you like to inquire before buying your nail polish? This buying guide of the best long lasting nail polish will present you - in a clear, objective and independent way - our selection of the best nail polish of the moment. You will discover in particular the best nail polish in 2019, the nail polish offering the best quality/price ratio and the best nail polish that doesn’t chip:

Perfect Summer Pro Semi-Permanent Gel Nail Polish

Best long lasting nail polish that does not chip
By purchasing this manicure kit, you will not need to go to the salon. Perfect Summer's semi-permanent nail polish kit allows both beginners and experienced alike to perform top-of-the-line self-cleaning. In addition, you will not have to worry about alterations every 2 to 3 weeks. Very practical, the kit offers a wide choice of colors. There are 8 colors of semi-permanent gel polish available. The base and the top coat are included in the kit. You just have to file your nails, apply the base, apply the varnish and finally the top coat. For an optimal result, it is advisable to dry the varnish with a UV lamp.
If you choose to do your manicure at home, however, be careful to respect the drying time otherwise you risk too harden the varnish and damage your nails. It is also advisable not to apply too much base and top coat to not shrink the gel.


• Wide choice of colors available
• Easy to use
• Attire: 2 to 3 weeks
• Easy to remove


• The UV lamp is not included
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Essie Chip-Resistant Nail Polish

long wearing nail polish 2019
Enveloped in fairly simple packaging, this bottle of 13.5 mL of varnish will make your life easier. Apply this varnish proves to be pure happiness thanks to its wide brush making the application very easy. It is thus easy to obtain a homogeneous layer on the nail.
The Essie range is known for its anti-peeling properties. This makes the nail polish long enough for a normal polish. Discreet, but brilliant, the rendering of this varnish can be flexible ranging from nude to light. This depends on which layer you choose to apply. The color is, in addition, pleasant to see for any type of skin tone: fair skin or matte.


• Long lasting
• Easy to apply
• Modular tint
• Homogeneous layer
• Fast drying


• Packaging too simple
• Simple smell
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OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI Nail Lacquer varnish amazon
The famous OPI semi-permanent nail brand has become a leader in the market over time. To achieve this reputation, she was the first to set up a system of gel varnish, which could then be posed by professional hands without any difficulty and which has not ceased to rejoice all the customers across the world.
One of the other major advantages offered by OPI is that the products manufactured by this brand do not harm the body in any way, unlike anything that was done until then.
In a way, OPI has initiated a kind of mini-revolution in the field of semi-permanent varnish, putting an end to all the techniques of laying conventional varnishes, a varnish that could only be removed until then. using nail sanding or other rudimentary techniques.
The rendering of the semi-permanent nail polish of the brand OPI is incredible: the nails are shiny, beautiful to see and the varnish disappears only after several weeks. A must-have, I tell you!


• Great quality
• Shiny
• Quick dry


• Expensive compared to most brands.
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Maybelline New York Tenue & Strong Pro Nail Polish

Maybelline New York Tenue Strong Pro Nail Polish
You will not have to worry about your manicure with this nail polish from Maybelline New York until after a long week. Its rich texture does not peel before 7 days.
It is advisable to apply a base before applying your varnish. That in order to obtain a better rendering as well as a better holding. Finish your manicure with a layer of top coat. Always for the sake of efficiency, the shape of his brush has been adapted to the shape of the nail. This facilitates its application and avoids burrs. For the health of your nails, this varnish offers a formula without formaldehyde, without DBP, and without toluene. It also protects against UV rays and provides lasting shine.


• Good value for money
• Long lasting
• Brush adapted to the shape of the nail


• Slow drying
• Difficultly homogenized layers
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Sensationail Gel Polish

Sensationail gel polish starter kit
Red at your fingertips remains a timeless classic over time. Thus, the Sensationail scarlet red Fing'rs offers a semi-permanent formula that promises a long lasting of 15 days minimum. You can worry about many things without your nail polish flaking.
Dried with an LED lamp, not only the semi-permanent effect is assured, but the brilliance is also accentuated. Easy to install, the varnish can also be removed very easily in a few minutes, without risk. However, do not forget to be careful during the application of varnish to avoid smudging. The package includes a gel cleanser, base and top coat, gel primer, color gel polish, lint-free wipes, double sided nail buffer, LED lamp, manicure stick, and an instruction sheet.


• Long lasting
• Easy to install
• Glossy effect


• Difficult application without the right materials.
• Difficult removal without the right materials.
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Semi-permanent lacquer Elite99

how to choose the best nail polish long lasting
Small brand discreet but as effective as the others, Elite 99 offers semi-permanent nail polish that can be placed on natural nails or false nails. The outfit is somewhat superior to that offered by other brands (we speak about 3 weeks on average), and the available colors remain rather traditional. The implementation is the same, nothing very different for the use of these products compared to those of other brands. Generally, the prices are even a little lower. We recommend this brand to all those who wish to turn to semi-permanent nail polish without spending too much of their budget, but still enjoying the best quality.


• Lasts around three weeks
• The immense variety of colors
• Popular polishes like unicorn shimmers, magnetic, and color changing
• Affordable


• Not a professional brand
• Not as durable
• Longer curing times
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The criteria to take into account to choose your nail polish

Dress and quality

The quality of the varnish is an essential element to take into account when choosing it. A quality varnish is at the same time of good behavior, of good texture, without toxic product and dries very quickly. Several major cosmetic brands offer quality varnish increasingly satisfactory. It's all about choosing the one that best meets your requirements. The performance of the varnish is equivalent to the time it takes to deteriorate from the moment of installation. It depends on the quality of the product. Generally, unless you want to change polish every day, it is best to choose a nail polish with a good performance of at least 4 to 6 days before flaking.

The quality of the texture

The quality of the texture directly influences the ease of nail polish application. If the texture is pasty and heavy, it will be difficult to apply a layer of fine and homogeneous varnish. On the other hand, if it is too watery and fluid, the application of the varnish will take longer due to several layers and the expected color will be difficult to obtain.


Good nail polish must nourish the nails, strengthen them and protect them. However, depending on its components, it can happen that a varnish degrades the condition of the nails and the health in general. Therefore, it is important to prioritize its choice on varnishes containing no trace of paraben, formaldehyde, xylene or camphor.

The shelf life of the varnish

There is a tendency to say that nail polish has a fairly flexible life span depending on the quality of maintenance it is given. However, a nail polish with a good quality formula can last on average 1 to 2 years.

Drying time

Time is precious. This is why the speed of drying is essential in choosing a good nail polish. It should ideally take between 15 and 20 minutes after installation. However, there are nail polishes whose drying time can take less than a minute.

Why buy nail polish?

Better hygiene

Every self-respecting woman knows the importance of hygiene. Like any care that is given to every part of the body, the manicure is an important part of our daily routine as it helps to take care of our nails. These are the reflection of our look, our personality, and most importantly, our hygiene. Nail polish is an important part of it.

A neat appearance

Appearance is not important on any occasion, but it can be useful to give a better impression of oneself. Wearing a good nail polish shows that you take care of your body and give it special attention. In addition, wearing nail polish gives a look much more neat and elegant.

A nourishing routine for cuticles

When properly chosen, good nail polish can heal the nails and protect them effectively. Some polishes have a well-enriched formula that comes to nourish the cuticles and strengthen the base of the nails. They help to keep the nails healthy, avoid duplication as well as brittle and fragile nails.

An art form

Perfect nail polish application requires time and practice. However, it is both beneficial for the nails and for the spirit. Indeed, in many cases, the installation of nail polish is very soothing and helps to get rid of stress. Nail art is becoming more popular, it is also a way to release his creativity and give free rein to his imagination to achieve original manicures. The choice of nail polish, the pose of it and the reasons that go with it are a reflection of our personality and contributes to our personal development. Especially since the manicure remains a privileged moment of relaxation and well-being in solo, and of conviviality when one is with several. So, why deprive yourself?